DC Islamabad picks trash from Margalla Hills after British diplomat

Islamabad administration releases a video of Hamza Shafqaat collecting trash in big plastic bags along with his team of volunteers on Friday.

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DC Islamabad Hamza Shafqaat collects thrash with his team at Margalla Hill and initiates the cleanliness campaign after images of British Commissioner Christian Turner collecting garbage went viral.

Islamabad administration released a video of Hamza Shafqaat collecting trash in big plastic bags along with his team of volunteers on social media on Friday, with a special message for tourists not to pollute the picturesque hills.

Messages of gratitude poured in for British High Commissioner Christian Turner after he pointed out the littering and poor sanitation at Margalla Hills. The administration instantly came into action with authorities promising to provide support to Islamabad Wildlife Management Board and Clean & Green Pakistan initiative to keep Islamabad and Margalla Hills clean.

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According to the reports, a cleanliness campaign was immediately kick-started across Islamabad yesterday with 1600 tons of garbage collected from the city.

“Volunteering for cleanliness activity on Margalla Hills. Unfortunately, ppl leave their waste after aftari in the forest area. @CTurnerFCDO highlighted the issue. Today we gathered our teams and helped the sanitation teams in keeping the forest areas clean,” said the Office of Deputy Commissioner Islamabad on Twitter on Friday.

British High Commissioner, Christian Turner, on Friday morning, posted pictures of collecting garbage from Margalla Hills in Islamabad.

He posted pictures of collecting heaps of garbage during his morning trek on Twitter. In the captions, he wrote, “Another #FridayMorningWalk, another two bags of litter. Safaai nisf imaan hai cc @dcislamabad @hamzashafqaat @CleanGreenPK.”

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He addressed the attention of the DC Islamabad Hamza Shafqaat and Clean Green Initiative introduced by the government of Pakistan to keep the tourist attractions and spot clean in Pakistan. He directed the attention of the authorities towards the continuous problems of visitors polluting the Margalla Hills and improper collection and disposal of garbage.

In his tweet, he quoted the Islamic saying, that ‘Cleanliness is half the faith’ in a bid to make people realize the importance of cleanliness.