British High Commissioner collects garbage from Margalla Hills on trekking

In his tweet, he quoted the Islamic saying, that ‘Cleanliness is half the faith’ in a bid to make people realize the importance of cleanliness.

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British High Commissioner, Christian Turner, on Friday morning, posted pictures of collecting garbage from Margalla Hills in Islamabad.

He posted pictures of collecting heaps of garbage during his morning trek on Twitter. In the captions, he wrote, “Another #FridayMorningWalk, another two bags of litter. Safaai nisf imaan hai cc @dcislamabad @hamzashafqaat @CleanGreenPK.”

He addressed the attention of the DC Islamabad Hamza Shafqaat and Clean Green Initiative introduced by the government of Pakistan to keep the tourist attractions and spot clean in Pakistan. He directed the attention of the authorities towards the continuous problems of visitors polluting the Margalla Hills and improper collection and disposal of garbage.

In his tweet, he quoted the Islamic saying, that ‘Cleanliness is half the faith’ in a bid to make people realize the importance of cleanliness.

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This is not the first time, Christian Turner, has directed the attention to the garbage littered on Margalla Hills. Like a true volunteer, he has several times posted pictures of him collecting garbage during his morning walk on Margalla Hills.

British High Commissioner Turner has been working vehemently and passionately to thrive tourism in Pakistan.

Earlier in his tweet on April 29th, he had posted a similar picture of collecting two bags of garbage on his morning walk on Margalla Hills. In his Twitter message, he said that “Meals are for sharing not littering. Two bags of rubbish collected on Margallas #FridayMorningWalk – please help keep beautiful Islamabad clean cc @hamzashafqaat@dcislamabad@CleanGreenPK” wrote British High Commissioner in a tweet.

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Cleanliness and proper waste disposal from the tourist sites are essential if Pakistan has to qualify as the top tourist destination in the world. Littering has been a pressing issue that the local tourists and authorities should jointly address.

Spilled garbage on tourist attractions will only deter foreign tourists from visiting Pakistan again.



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