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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Debunking the female voice behind Baloch missing persons

All these women have actually been set up in an elaborate scheme generated, to take down the Pakistani state by gaining international sympathy.

For the past few days, a plethora of videos and images of certain Baloch women have taken social media by storm. These women can be seen protesting across a plethora of platforms, demanding their missing brethren back. The case of missing persons is somewhat of an intriguing topic which has piqued the interest of many activists in the country.

BLA directs & produces heart-wrenching videos?

Surely, one must be grieved, when seeing these heart-breaking videos. However, on the surface, this might seem like extremely woeful news, but in reality, this is just propaganda set up by the BLA to defile our military. There are several factors that come into play and change perspectives about these fake protestors. It is therefore integral to know who these women are and what is their link with the BLA.

Before removing the fake facade of innocence from the faces of the women hired by the BLA, it is important to discuss briefly the ring leader – Mama Qadeer. Mama Qadeer might seem like a harmless human rights activist who is also the chairperson of Voice of Balochistan’s missing person but he is, in reality, just wearing a masquerade of human rights to mask his true intentions – creating anarchy and bedlam within the state.

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Mama Qadeer disguising as human rights activist

Mama Qadeer’s fake persona is so mesmerizing that even journalists by the likes of Hamid Mir have given him a lot of media coverage. His true intentions soon came to light when a certain video message featuring Mama Qadeer got leaked.

In that, he could be seen to be openly pleading to the Indian government to provide him and his compatriots with firearms and ammunition. He could also be seen to be openly showing support to Indian Prime Minister Modi and in a way, pledging allegiance to Pakistan’s greatest rival, India.

Now coming back to those very Baloch women who have been using the power of social media and playing the victim card to achieve their seditious propagandas. These women who have been blatantly seen to accuse the state of abducting their loved ones on media, social media and various international forums, are actually using the names and identities of those people who are clearly part of terrorist factions such as the BLA itself thus raising many eyebrows.

In videos, Mahrang could be see fighting for the freedom of her father, Abdul Ghaffar but one look at his father’s background and anyone can have their eyes opened to reality

First, from these women comes Farzana Majeed. She was the first women, recognized by Mama Qadeer as the voice for women against the narrative of missing persons case in Pakistan. This was surely a clever move made by Mama Qadeer to utilize the power and voice of women for fulfilling his ulterior motives.

Now the question that comes to mind is whether Farzana Majeed is just a mere civilian striving to find her missing brother? This is where the situation becomes confusing. The missing brother, whom she has been extensively campaigning for, was in fact associated with terrorist factions. Farzana’s missing brother, Zakir Majeed is the vice chairperson for the terrorist faction BSO Azad.

This is the aspect that completely puts our perspective into a frenzy. If one argues that Zakir Majeed was just an ordinary student, they would be certainly wrong as he has claimed several terrorist activities in various video clips and has been seen in pictures with Afghan and Iranian militants.

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This further cements the fact that this entire campaign is nothing more than an elaborate attempt to upset peace within the state. Farzana Majeed took complete advantage of this situation, successfully went to the US and gained political asylum there, where she was funded by external agencies to spread hatred against the state.

Daughter of a banned outfit commander: what is she fighting for?

A similar compatriot to Farzana, Mahrang Baloch is also one of the many women Mama Qadeer used to create chaos. In videos, Mahrang could be seen fighting for the freedom of her father, Abdul Ghaffar but one look at his father’s background reveals the true story.

Abdul Ghaffar was more than just a human rights activist but was actually using this as a cover to carry out his organized terrorist activities. Abdul Ghaffar was not only an active member of banned BSO Azad but also was the notorious commander of the internationally recognized terrorist faction, BLA.

Using women for his bidding is certainly a clever way to carry out his ulterior motives while placing the society in a bubble of lies

However, what’s more perplexing is the news that Abdul Ghaffar has already been killed in an inter-gang turmoil. This surely raises a lot of questions about the authenticity of the campaign. Another interesting aspect is the fact that Mahrang Baloch who spews hatred against Pakistan is actually studying on state’s expense in Bolan University of Medical & Health Sciences.

International sympathy for carrying out anti-state activities 

Another woman is the former chairperson of BSO Azad, Karima Baloch. She was one of the many female members of BSO, who has taken advantage of being a woman and thus not much action was taken against her. She now publicly gives hate speeches against Pakistan. She was also the one who was trained by Mama Qadeer to be taken to Geneva, where she also spewed hatred against Pakistan on an international forum.

Now let’s have a look at the latest emotional blackmail created by Mama Qadeer, in the shape of Haseeba Qambrani. She has been emotionally gaining sympathy for her deceased brethren, Hassan and Hizbullah Qambrani, who according to her were abducted by the Pakistani state, but it is very clear where these so-called missing people are and what they are up to.

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All these women used by Mama Qadeer, have actually been set up in an elaborate scheme generated, to take down the Pakistani state by gaining international sympathy. Using women for his bidding is certainly a clever way to carry out his ulterior motives while placing the society in a bubble of lies. BLA has now become such a weak organization that it is now hiding behind the might of women.

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