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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Deepika Padukone bought her Mangalsutra for whopping Rs. 20 lakhs

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Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh are getting ready for their ‘D’ day… Deepika after attending puja at her home in Bengaluru is back to Mumbai and the latest report says that the bride-to-be has shopped for her Mangalsutra.

Reports suggest that Deepika Padukone visited the jewelry shop in Andheri, Mumbai, where the actress usually shops for her jewelry items and has purchased a solitaire mangalsutra which is worth Rs. 20 lakhs.

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Moreover, she has also purchased a chain for Ranveer Singh and has also shopped for some more jewelry of hers and the total cost of all her jewelry is approximately Rs. 1 crore.

While Deepika’s visit to the store was pre-informed, the store was closed one hour early than usual so that the actress could decide on the jewelry hassles free.

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As per media reports, Deepika and Ranveer will have a traditional Konkani style wedding on November 14 at Lake Como in Italy as the actress belongs to the Saraswat Brahmin community from Karnataka. While on 15th, a Sindhi wedding ceremony will follow, given Ranveer’s roots.