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The newly-wed Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone in her recent Facebook Live Video has recommended young people to get married if they are in love. When asked about her outlook on love and marriage, Deepika said, “Being married is beautiful. Like Ranveer said I think we recommend it to every young person who is in love. But just be sure.

Don’t jump into something because someone expects you to get married or there is pressure on you. Know in your heart that that’s the right person for you and you would want to spend the rest of your life with that person.”

She added, “The most important thing is that you need to find someone who respects you and who truly understands you. For any relationship to be successful, trust, friendship and mutual respect are very important.”

Deepika Padukone tied the knot last year with co-actor and long-time boyfriend Ranveer Singh in a private wedding ceremony on November 14th and 15th. Ever since their marriage, Ranveer is heard singing praises of his wife Deepika Padukone in all interviews.

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In the latest recent interview with Famously Filmfare over the massive success of film Simmba, Ranveer Singh said he loved how ‘Gharelu’ wife Deepika is. “She is so gharelu, I love it,” said the 33-year-old actor. He also added, “I am going to be the husband of the millennium. I’m gonna glide and breeze through it.”

Deepika, in her interview with Instagram and Facebook, was asked if she will ever play a role like Queen ‘Padmavat’ and she said she is only “Ranveer ke dil ki rani (queen of Ranveer’s heart).” The couple has recently returned to India from their honeymoon in Sri Lanka.