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Friday, June 7, 2024

Delhi Police mock Asif, Shadab Khan catch drop in match

India’s Delhi Police mocks the catch drop scene between cricketers Asif Ali and Shadab Khan during the final of the Asia Cup 2022 against Sri Lanka on Sunday.

Asif Ali and Shadab Khan ran to catch a shot but collided and dropped the catch, conceiving six in the match. The cricketers suffered injuries; Asif Ali got stitches in his hand, while Shadab Khan had a concussion after violently running into Asif Ali.

The video got viral on social media; fans were upset but worried for the safety of the cricketers. Delhi Police used that video to give a message on following rules on road safety. “Ae Bhai, Zara Dekh Ke Chalo (Walk Carefully)” said Delhi Police in a tweet.

The video of Delhi Police got a mixed response on social media. Several Pakistani users posted videos of instances of exceptional fielding by Shadab Khan in earlier matches. Some said that Pakistan would again defeat India in the upcoming T20 World Cup  match next month.

Netizens trolled the Indian cricket team for landing lowest in the points table. Some have asked Star Sports India to take serious action against Delhi Police as they used their video of the match.

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A Pakistani user posted a picture of the Indian bowler crossing the crease for no-ball in the match. In a hilarious comment, the user said people should not cross the line when walking the road. Other Pakistani users recalled how Pakistan defeated India in the last T20 World Cup 2021 in UAE. The post got massive traction on Twitter.

The young and inexperienced Pakistani team ended up runner-up in the recently concluded Asia Cup 2022. Fans are upset and demand the team improve their performance ahead of the T20I series against England starting within a few days.