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Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Depression happens when actors “cross the line”: Shaan Shahid

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As soon as the discussion around the actors battling with depression settled, actor Shaan Shahid popped up with his two cents on the topic in his latest Facebook post.

Shaan Shahid stated that where depression is necessary for actors to get into the soul of the characters they play onscreen, it is often times overindulgence and actors’ “crossing the line” brings them into the depressive state of mind.

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In a Facebook post titled “Walking the thin line”, Shaan wrote, “For an actor/artist depression is a tool to achieve the state or the emotion to capture the essence of an expression for example Van Gogh his pain can be seen on canvas ..or for an actor who is living in a different character for his eyes to look sad the artist has to feed depression to his mind so he /she can achieve the right expression.”

However, Shaan went on to say that actors “cross the line” and get “addicted” to depression as if it were a choice. “Unfortunately actors and artists tend to cross the line… and get addicted to it the depression [and] the pain … to stay with another character in your body is like fighting addiction .. but there is a way out of this black hole.”


Shaan added, “It’s sad to see today we pick up careers without looking at the pros and cons [and] the effect it will cause .. without a plan without protection we jump into the most sophisticated part of the human body … mind. We see the bright side of the entertainment world, not the dark side.”

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Earlier, actor Mohsin Abbas Haider opened up about his battle with depression on social media. Soon after his post, the actor received several messages of affection and support from his fans and industry insiders, to which he expressed his gratitude in the following video he posted on his Instagram account.