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Monday, July 15, 2024

‘Didn’t know I got standing ovation’: Visually-impaired Sirine Jehangir opens up about BGT appearance

Father tells the media that his daughter has faced countless difficulties but with courage.

British-Pakistani teenage singing sensation Sirine Jehangir last week said that her only inspiration to take part in a British reality show was to do something for people like her.

The 14-year-old had instantly become a fan-favorite with her first performance in the auditions of the show.


“When I was walking towards the stage, the only thing I wanted was to do something that enables me to help people like me,” she said.

Her father, Kafeel Jehangir, while talking to BBC, said that his daughter has faced countless difficulties but with courage.

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“Sirine has been really brave, courageous and smart despite facing a difficult period. When she lost her sight, I knew at the time that the universe wants her to do something big,” he said.


The girl in her interview added that the she did not know judges and audience gave her the standing ovation. She got to know about it later when her parents informed her. She said she would not be disheartened if she failed to reach finals since she had an incredible on the show.

The fans of the television show have lambasted the judges of the program after Jehangir failed to qualify for the show finale last month despite popular performances.