Different countries, different advertising campaigns

This is something that companies that sell their products in different countries already know, but companies that only market their products or services in one country may not.

When you are targeting a new market, you have to adapt your advertising message to the society you are targeting, as not all of them are the same. This is something that, on the Internet, we can see in many different niches. 

Online casinos

This is a sector that, being totally online, we can see very clearly. For example, online casinos do not make the same type of advertising for one country as for another when they operate in different markets. 

A clear example is the online slots that are themed on famous characters or movies and TV series known in one country but that are totally unknown outside the country where they originate. This can be seen in the case of Japan, where we can see in websites such as casinotop3 very typical Japanese themes, such as manga and anime cartoons and characters. Perhaps some of the most important genres in Japan and that have also given rise to great television series that have given life to some of the most important titles in paper format.


There are well-known brands, such as Pepsi, which makes totally different advertisements in each of the countries where it sells (which are almost all the countries in the world, whether they have more or less importance). 

In advertising they have to touch the feelings and emotions of potential buyers, so in each country they have to evoke the most general feelings of the population. Not all societies have the same interests and the same values, so in each country they have to look for the most important ones for their objective: to sell their product.

Example of Coca-Cola advertising

Another clear example is the advertising of the multinational company Coca-cola. With a presence in almost every country in the world, we can see big differences between, for example, the advertising it does in Asian countries and the advertising shown in Germany or other European countries. In Germany, the images of some of its ads are highly sensual, a sensuality that has been eliminated in the ads of some of the Asian countries where the brand has a presence. 

Another example is the comparison of the same advertising campaign made by the brand in the USA and Asia. An ad where originally a boy slammed the door on a girl, in the U.S. they had to tone down the scene because it was perceived as too aggressive. However, the same scene in Japan was criticized because they felt that the girl had been too aggressive in the commercial when she should be much more submissive.

As you can see, the differences depend on the society and social customs that each country has. And brands know this and adapt their message to what their potential customers want to see in each country.

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