Directorate anti quackery to end corrupt health practices in Sindh

Post-COVID, the number of quackery activities has risen all over Sindh. In a bid to eradicate these corrupt health practices, the Director of Anti Quackery of the Sindh Health Care Commission has been mandated to conduct public awareness against such activities.

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Zeeshan Shah, the newly appointed Director of Anti Quackery of the Sindh Health Care Commission (SHCC) has been mandated to conduct public awareness activities against quackery practices to eradicate corrupt health practices under Section (u/s) 38 SHCC regulations 2017.

“We have a responsibility to the public at large. Health is a basic human right and the public needs our help. We need to prioritize our mission to ensure that SHCC -Sindh Service Delivery Standards are widely practiced and that we work hand in glove with our stakeholders to create value for our community. The public has the right to good health and fair treatment,” he stated.

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“Post-COVID, the number of quackery activities have risen all over the province and strong support of the law enforcement agencies to the Directorate of Anti Quackery is our foremost objective as we move forward on this mission to ensure quality health care as per law with a zero-tolerance policy against ‘quackery’ in all its forms and manifestations,” he further added.

Zeeshan Shah holds 25-year of health expertise, media, and banking sectors and is the former director of Children Nature Network Asia – an advocacy and outreach initiative said a statement on Thursday.

Formally associated with prominent banking groups in Pakistan, he has led business operations as regional head of banking. He is also the former director of Health Management Services at Baqai Medical University and Hospital.

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Zeeshan Shah has experience in training, research, and compliance and authored various publications in local and global media.

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