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Monday, April 15, 2024

Documentaries on Pakistan’s beguiling Karakoram Range screened in Paris

The organizers of the festival said that Pakistan is a prime destination for French mountaineers as people love to visit the beguiling landscape of Pakistan.

Two documentaries on mountaineering and paragliding expeditions to Pakistan’s Karakoram Range were screened at a Film Festival in Paris on 23-24th September.

The summer edition of the festival was held at Grand Rex Cinema in Paris. A few of the mountain climbers and paragliding pilots who went to Pakistan and visited the magnificent Karakoram range were present at the festival in Paris

Mountaineering and paragliding potential of Karakoram mountains explored 

Lost in Karakoram is a 30-minute documentary showcasing the experience of paragliding in Pakistan’s Karakoram Range. Damien Lacaze, Antoine Girard, and Jeremie Chenal have directed the film. The documentary dubbed Pakistan the region as one of the most beautiful mountain venues in the world. The film was based on French paragliders’ attempt to ascend the 7027-meter high Spantik peak.

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Another documentary titled, The Last Mountain, 83 minutes long is based on the expedition of Polish mountaineers that scaled K-2 in the Karakoram Range in 2018. The documentary highlighted that K-2 is the world’s only 8000+ meter peak that has never been climbed in the winter.

During this difficult expedition, a few members of the Polish team went to rescue a French mountaineer Elizabeth Revol and her Polish teammate who were trapped nearby on Nanga Parbat.

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Pakistan’s beguiling landscape and natural beauty earning world recognition

The organizers of the festival said that Pakistan is a prime destination for French mountaineers as people like to visit the beguiling landscape of Pakistan. They informed that these documentaries have been shown in Switzerland, Denmark, and the Czech Republic as part of the same festival.

Tourism ministers from D-8 countries including Turkey are set to attend next year’s forum in the capital Islamabad. Pakistan’s tourism industry is set to benefit from this massive recognition by the world community.

Pakistan will host the World Tourism Forum next year to tout the country’s tourism potential around the globe, especially among the countries of the D-8 (developing 8) bloc. Tourism in Pakistan is expected to increase, with many opportunities for the young nation to learn from other developing countries, in an industry that is yet to grow and flourish.

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