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Sunday, April 14, 2024

“Does Happiness Exist”: Would More Possessions Bring More Happiness?

Happiness is a myth many spend their trying to debunk yet fail. Yet, the secret is simple. Happiness is within. Material possessions cannot buy you happiness, its the small things that you do.

Few things in life are unattainable like time travel or a walk at the surface of the Sun, likewise, one can’t attain eternal happiness. The idea of happiness taught to us has been wrong all along. Tagging it to material possessions fuels sadness, aggression and remorse in people’s lives. It’s time that we change the conception of happiness and make it more approachable to common man.

Happiness is not placed in things seemingly out of reach, rather it’s looking at articles which are present in your life in an optimistic way. Change your outlook; refresh, reboot and restart. No doubt, life is complex, with its up and down path. Lots of stones get thrown your way, better to trash them rather than carrying all along the journey.

One needs to understand the state of the human mind where the environment around you is determined by yourself. You are responsible for all your shortcomings or achievements. Happiness is a byproduct of your reaction to each situation. Even a beggar can change his destiny if he realizes happiness is found in hard work and productivity, not in living off another person’s charity.

God has spread happiness everywhere around you like air, some sense it while others won’t. Picture perfect is an illusion, don’t fall for it.

Happiness is like a spring flower, when its in your garden you don’t realize its worth but when the autumn winds blow away its beautiful petals, you feel the void in your backyard and miss its colors when it was there.

The point I’m trying to make here is, cherish that moment, seal that blessing when you got it. Own your happiness. Don’t blame its absence on others. It doesn’t lie within material things, it’s inside you, lying somewhere deep.

Nurture your personality, grow with the situations, never stop, keep on learning and improving. That’s the beginning of happiness. Ralph Waldo has rightly quoted; “enjoy your journey, and not the destination”. In the process of achieving goals, one forgets the art of enjoying moments of life.

Don’t buy into these lines, when I’ll have a million dollars then I’ll be happy, or I’ll finally enjoy life after achieving that job role, etc. Appreciate what you have attained thus far and be grateful for all the blessings. Take nothing for granted. Your possessions may very well be the desire for others.

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Happiness can be acquired in simple objects and actions, such as exploring the wonders of nature, having a walk around the park, showing patience while in struggling times, showing persistence when achieving your high goals, finding solutions to problems calmly, and so on. God has spread happiness everywhere around you like air, some sense it while others won’t. Picture perfect is an illusion, don’t fall for it. Happiness exists, but only for those who look for it in uncomplicated places.

Saba Waqas lives in Islamabad her interests are cooking, travelling, and exploring various cultures, additionally, she writes articles regarding social matters. The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Global Village Space.