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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

‘Donkey King’: A movie worth watching

The movie follows the adventure of a daydreaming donkey who aspires to do something unique and big in life.

Finally, the age of animation movies has dawned upon the Pakistani cinema. Pakistan-based Talisman Studios has released a teaser trailer for its family-friendly CG animated feature The Donkey King.

The movie follows the adventure of a donkey who aspires to do something unique and big in life. Mangu Mangu Jan Mangu is a daydreaming donkey whose adventures and feats are set to hit cinemas on October 13, 2018.

Aziz Jindani, the director of Donkey King while talking to media said, “Mangu is a dreamer,” Jindani told local Pakistani media. “He is adamant to change his life and not live with what he’s born with. That’s what makes the film special.”

The filmmakers have taken a cue from American film studios; they are stressing in publicity that The Donkey King is an all-ages family film, rather than a children’s film.

Pakistan has been ramping up its feature animation production. Earlier this year, 3rd World Studios released the CG feature Allahyar and The Legend of Markhor.

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Pakistani cinema has seen a revival in recent years with mega movies such as Jawani Phir Nahi Ani, Parwaz-e-Junoon and Main Punjab Nahi Jaoungi grabbing massive profits and leaving audiences in awe.

The trailer of The Donkey King has already secured a million views on Youtube and has been appreciated by Pakistan’s media celebrities and politicians alike. Fawad Chaudhary, the Minister of Information and Broadcasting has expressed hope that the movie will do well and has expressed government’s resolve to aid Pakistan’s resurgent film industry.

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The Donkey King is all set to break all records and accumulate massive revenue. The chronicles of Mangu and the final showdown between him and the fox have made audiences eagerly wait for the film. So don’t forget to watch the movie to follow the feats of Mangu and grab your tickets now.