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Sunday, May 26, 2024

“Don’t try to save yourself” Inzamam speaks out!

“Don’t try to save yourself” Inzamam speaks out

“You could have investigated me or made an inquiry committee after the World Cup if you had to. I was still going to be here.” Inzamam ul Haq, who recently resigned from the chief selector post, expressed his views on GEO news in the show capital talk with Hamid Mir.

He said, while directly pointing towards Zaka Ashraf, “Whenever the team’s performance failed, “non-cricketers” blamed the players and absolved themselves of any responsibility. This isn’t Ashraf’s fault, but a person tries to save themselves” and blame others for their mistakes.”

On conflict of interest, he said the International Cricket Council (ICC) recommended them. The board possesses its complete records. According to him, Yazoo International Ltd, a second company involved in the controversy, was formed during COVID-19, but transactions still were never made.

He further said that Ashraf should have called and asked him to clarify the reports rather than giving the interview. “Neither Talha Rehmani nor I were asked,” he said. Moreover, Haq claimed that he was denied information regarding the progress and proceedings of the inquiry.

On taking responsibility, Haq said he would accept responsibility if the team played poorly but not to deflect blame.

On the performance of the team and its ups and downs, he noted, “The team is our team, and we have to support them and move forward. We never try to save face and escape blame because when we say, “This is not my fault; it’s someone else’s fault,” our hope crumbles even further.

“because I don’t have a magic wand”

“For an issue that was not resolved for three to four months, I sat everyone down and resolved it, and later you accuse me?” he said about the central contract issue, which he mediated and got resolved.

“Pakistan’s chairman announced after the Asia Cup that he would call Pakistan’s previous captains to select the team. In the wake of Pakistan’s Asia Cup defeat, he said Ashraf undermined him as the chief selector.

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Expressing his disappointment, he said, “In light of your decision to make me chief selector on August 7 and announce the team on August 8, I had great concern that I would not be able to name the team simply and they would begin delivering on their performance because I don’t have a magic wand.

“There is no selection like this anywhere in the world, so don’t try to save yourself.” Haq lamented that it was “excruciating for me when someone comes for three or four months and lectures me about my character.”