Drama Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi receives flak on social media

Netizens believe that the Pakistani drama industry should discourage stories portraying unbalanced characters in the lead roles.

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Pakistani netizens are calling out the drama serial Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi for romanticizing and glorifying abuse. Danish Taimoor (Shamsher) and Durefishan Saleem (Mehak) are in the lead roles of the serial.

The drama follows the story of a rich, powerful, young, and spoiled man Shamsher who falls in love with a girl, played by Saleem. The girl dislikes the man but he cannot take no for an answer. He pressurizes her to marry him. He chases her relentlessly as she tries to escape him. Shamsher, one day, finds her and forces her to marry him while threatening her that he will harm his family upon her refusal. The powerless girl agrees to marry her.

Netizens believe that the Pakistani drama industry should discourage stories portraying unbalanced characters in the lead roles. They should stop glorifying power abuse, violence, and forced marriages in drama serials. Danish Taimoor is also coming under fire for repeatedly playing such characters in the serials. A social media user questioned why Danish Taimoor is playing the character of a crazy, and insane lover lately. They believe that actors should also take up the responsibility for their work and the impact it will have on society.

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Social media users have recalled the incidents of the murder of Noor Muqaddam by Zaher Jafer and the recent incident of a girl Khadija Abbas in Faisalabad who was physically and sexually abused for allegedly refusing to marry the influential businessman, Sheikh Danish who is also the father of her friend.

“How is drama Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi allowed to be aired? It’s all about abuse, blackmail, abducting a girl, and torturing her family to cave in and give her hand to a feudal brat. Girl’s family is emotionally, psychologically, and physically tortured by a crazy ‘lover’,” read a tweet by an infuriated user.

Statements of Urwa Hocane on romanticizing abuse, harassment, and violence are also making rounds on social media lately. Netizens are urging the producers and directors of Pakistan’s drama industry


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