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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Dubai issues advisory for passengers amid heavy forecast

As heavy rains loom over Dubai, travelers are urged to brace themselves for potential disruptions to their plans.

As heavy rains loom over Dubai, travelers are urged to brace themselves for potential disruptions to their plans. With forecasts predicting thunderstorms and unsettled weather, airports and airlines are issuing advisories to ensure passengers stay informed and prepared.

Airport Advisory

Dubai’s airports, including Dubai International (DXB) and Al Maktoum International Airport (DWC), have issued advisories urging passengers to plan ahead amidst heavy thunderstorms forecasted. Potential delays are anticipated, prompting passengers to utilize smart apps for real-time traffic updates and alternative routes. Additionally, considering the Dubai Metro as a mode of transportation to terminals is recommended to avoid road congestion.

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Airlines Response

Leading airlines such as Emirates and flydubai are taking proactive measures to assist passengers during this period of adverse weather. Emirates advises travelers to anticipate road delays and suggests adding extra travel time when heading to Dubai International Airport. Similarly, flydubai recommends allowing extra time for the journey to DXB, whether traveling by car or public transport. Passengers are encouraged to update their contact details and monitor flight statuses for the latest updates.

Countrywide Precautions

The United Arab Emirates’ disaster management authority has issued alerts for medium to heavy rainfall, spanning over two days. Both private and government sectors are urged to consider remote work options to ensure employee safety. Schools in Sharjah and Dubai have announced distance learning measures, aligning with the precautionary measures taken by authorities.

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For travelers navigating through Dubai during this unsettled weather period, planning ahead is crucial. Checking weather forecasts, staying informed through reliable sources for real-time updates on road conditions and flight statuses, and considering alternative transportation options such as the Dubai Metro are essential. Ensuring airlines have up-to-date contact information to receive timely notifications regarding flight changes or cancellations is recommended. Additionally, packing essentials such as an umbrella, waterproof clothing, and necessary documents is advised in case of unexpected delays or disruptions.