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Friday, June 9, 2023

World’s most expensive ’23 Karat’ gold biryani launches in Dubai

According to the restaurant, biryani has been garnished with 23-karat edible gold.

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An Indian restaurant in Dubai has introduced the world’s most expensive gold biryani worth PKR 43,000. The dish has been named ‘The Royal Gold Biryani’ by the restaurant, Bombay Borough UAE.

According to the restaurant, biryani has been garnished with 23-karat edible gold. The Royal Gold Biryani is made with three types of rice- Qeema rice, biryani rice, and saffron-infused rice. The dish weighs three kilograms.

Ingredients of the Royal Gold Biryani of Dubai

The Royal Biryani is served with small potatoes, fried onions, boiled eggs, mint leaves, roasted cashew, pomegranate seeds to give a unique flavor to the dish. Accompanying the biryani is a variety of grilled meat such as skewered kebabs made from Kashmiri rams, spare ribs of lamb from Old Delhi, Rajput Chicken Kebab, Mughlai Koftay, and malai chicken roast.

The expensive biryani is served with scrumptious sauces, curries, and raita. Jodhpuri curry, nihari, and almond sauce mixed with raita made from pomegranate seeds, golden leaves are also served with the dish.

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Where to find this dish?

The Royal Gold Biryani is worth AED 1000 and INR 19, 707. The restaurant on its Instagram page to pre-book the order, however, ordering on the spot “will take up to 45 minutes for us to prepare, but we will make sure you have the meal of a lifetime”.

The luxury restaurant is located at the Dubai International Financial Center. The restaurant has a British-era-inspired bungalow interior.

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“Bombay Borough is Indian at its core, the epitome of the modern India of today and tomorrow, and the perfect place to rediscover India through an explosion of flavors,” the restaurant says on its website.

“Guests will be immersed in a welcoming Indo-chic ambience, inspired by a fusion of the modern French and British-era old bungalows of India, which infuses the west with India in a space where people can gather over good conversation and great food,” it read further.