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Saturday, July 20, 2024

‘Dunki’ is my best film: Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan wants fans to watch ‘Dunki’ because it was his ‘best film’

Amidst the continuous excitement surrounding Dunki, Shah Rukh Khan has left his fans eagerly anticipating the film’s release just two days away. The superstar, who has been actively promoting the movie, recently added to the buzz by dubbing Dunki as his “best film.” During a promotional event in Dubai, a video capturing King Khan’s interaction with fans has gone viral.

In the clip, Shah Rukh Khan is asked to provide “Three words for Dunki.” In response, he confidently declares, “Rajkumar Hirani,” followed by, “My best film,” and a plea for everyone to “Please watch on 21st [December].” The moment Khan labels Dunki as his “best film,” the host standing beside him reacts with surprise, exclaiming, “What,” while the crowd erupts in spontaneous applause and cheers.

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The video, shared by an Instagram fan page dedicated to SRK, features the caption, ” ‘Dunki is my best film,’ says Shah Rukh Khan at a promotional event in Dubai.” However, the excitement doesn’t end there. During the same event, Shah Rukh Khan took the opportunity to elucidate the meaning of Dunki and the sentiment behind the film.

In another widely circulated video, SRK explains that while he made Jawan and Pathaan for the younger audience, Dunki is a film he made for himself. Shah Rukh Khan expresses, “So when I made Jawan, I thought I made a film for boys and girls but I didn’t make anything for myself, then I made Dunki. So, this is my film.

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This film is very close to my heart. When I was doing Pathaan, many people who write about films, those who know about films more than the filmmakers, were saying what kind of roles I was doing. So, I felt that I should do films that come from my heart, and this includes all the films that I did this year.”