Dutch activist: Modi’s election victory based on ‘celebrating 40 killed soldiers’

Melina said what Narendra Modi did in Pulwama was not the first time as he also did the same in Indian Gujarat in 2002.

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Indian State-sponsored terrorism in Pulwama attack has been fully exposed after disclosure of 500-page chat of Republic TV anchor that revealed celebration over the incident that killed 40 security personnel, a Dutch human rights activist has said.

“This victory of election of Indian prime minister Narendra Modi is actually celebration of killing of your own soldiers and shows that classified information has been shared by State authority beforehand with nationalist news anchors like Arnab Goswami,” said Ms Melina, an international human rights activities from Netherlands.

Melina said Indian soldiers became the victim of Modi, who used them for personal gains during his election campaign.

She urged the international community to join her in exposing the cruelties of Narenda Modi in his “so-called democracy”.

“These revelations leave no question that the Indian government has dramatized the Pulwama attack by killing of 40 of its own soldiers,” she said.

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She said these developments had left everyone in an utter surprise that how human lives could be sacrificed for personal electoral victory.

Melina said what Narendra Modi did in Pulwama was not the first time as he also did the same in Indian Gujarat in 2002.

She said it testified wrong intentions of staging military adventurism, adding these heinous crimes committed by the Indian government led by Modi were to kill its own people to win an election.

“The heinous crimes by Indian government led by Modi is a wakeup call for international community to raise its voice against the crime committed by BJP government for his election campaign,” she said.

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She warned the world community that fueling a war between two nuclear rivals in Asia could be very dangerous for rest of the world.

Courtesy: APP


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