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Thursday, February 15, 2024

ECP warns PM Khan of legal action for violating code of conduct

The Election Commission of Pakistan warned PM Khan of taking legal action against him if he violated the Code of Conduct by visiting Peshawar. It appears as if PM Khan paid no heed to the ECP's warnings as he arrived in Peshawar to launch the Kamyaab Pakistan initiative.

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) took notice of PM Khan visiting Peshawar despite the electoral body advising against it.

Earlier today, news came of PM Khan planning a visit to Peshawar for the launch of the Pakistan Card initiative. Taking notice of the visit, ECP warned PM Khan of violating the Code of Conduct.

To clarify, under Sections 233 and 234 of the Election Act of Pakistan, the president, prime minister, and governors cannot visit an area after the announcement of the election schedule. Important to note, Peshawar will hold the Local Body elections on 19th December.

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Therefore, PM Khan’s visit to Peshawar is a violation of the Code of Conduct. As a result, ECP officials advised PM Khan against visiting Peshawar. Furthermore, ECP cautioned PM Khan. It said that the Commission would take legal action against him under the Election Act, 2017.

“…you are advised not to violate any provision of the Code of Conduct and instructions issued by the Election Commission otherwise legal proceedings under Section 233 and 234 of the Elections Act 2017 shall be initiated against you,” the ECP notice said.

On the other hand, special assistant to the KP chief minister on information Kamran Khan Bangash clarified that the premier’s visit to Peshawar was “purely an official one”.

“It is a part of daily affairs of the state on which there are no restrictions,” he said in a statement.

Bangash insisted that the prime minister will only attend an official function at the Governor House. Moreover, he will not take part in any public gathering related to the elections.

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PM Khan ignores ECP?

Interestingly, it appears as if PM Khan paid no heed to the ECP’s warnings. He arrived in Peshawar and launched the Kamyaab Pakistan initiative.

Under the Kamyab Pakistan Programme, the insurance initiative will provide free medical services worth Rs1 million annually to 7.5m families in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.