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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Engro Fertilizers awarded DuPont Global Safety Innovation Award

For complying with the latest health, safety, and environment (HSE) standards, Engro Fertilizers has been awarded with the DuPont Global Safety Innovation Award.

When it comes to safety and health, environmental issues are the top priority for most of the companies, specifically companies dealing with hazardous materials. Therefore, it is extremely important to become literate about Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) issues to ensure the wellbeing of the workforce. Engro Fertilizers Limited that is one of the biggest conglomerates operating Pakistan is one company that understands the responsibility it bears in this regard and has been striving to ensure strict compliance of its HSE policies

HSE is not just a government regulation but also a major objective for companies committed to protecting the health, safety, and welfare of not only their stakeholders but anyone that can directly or indirectly be harmed by their activities.

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Health, Safety & Environment is one of the top most core values of Engro and it is committed to providing the safest working environment to its employees, particularly at manufacturing facilities, whilst remaining cognizant of their environmental duties and responsibilities.

The company has also implemented DuPont Safety Management System which is one of the world’s best process safety management (PSM) systems for which it has won the DuPont Global Safety Innovation Award.

Engro Fertilizers HSE system in fine fettle

Being Pakistan’s premier seed-to-harvest solutions provider that is ranked amongst the world’s top 50 fertilizer manufacturing and marketing companies, Engro Fertilizers has been declared as one of only three global award winners at the virtual ceremony of 14th DuPont Safety and Sustainability Awards.

As a recipient of the Global Safety Innovation Award, Engro Fertilizers has been recognized for making innovative and systemic changes to its operations to achieve higher health, safety, and environment (HSE) standards. The Company undertook a root and branch overhaul of its safety systems, invested in digitization initiatives, and doubled down efforts on development of new capabilities. In line with Engro’s philosophy of being world class in HSE, the all-encompassing Safety Beyond Excellence strategy led to an 87% reduction in the Total Recordable Incident Rate, resulted in a sharp reduction in operational upsets / fire incidents, significantly improved risk management and led to an increase in employee and stakeholder engagement.

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The other two DuPont global award winners are Dubai Municipality, UAE and SMRT Trains Ltd, Singapore. Engro Fertilizers edged out Saudi Arabia-based Saudi Aramco, named the winner in the EMEA region, and Brazil-based Usina Coruripe, which took home the Americas award.

Sharing the Company’s journey of safety excellence and achievements in a panel discussion, Nadir Qureshi – CEO of Engro Fertilizers, said that, “A relentless commitment to safety is one of the core values of Engro. We have always strived to set world class HSE standards for both our employees and the communities in which we live and operate. This focus is continuously reinforced by our leaderships’ commitment, with my Chairman and Board regularly highlighting this core commitment and our teams embodying this culture. We are humbled by this global accolade and it is our endeavor to get to similar levels of world-class safety in the new logistics business that was launched 18 months ago with the aspiration of becoming the country’s leading long haul service provider.”


Syed Shahzad Nabi – Senior Vice President Manufacturing, added that, “To develop the team, we put a lot of focus on enhancing the skill level both in terms of the core job, safety system and creativity. Our Transitional Training Model, followed by hands on training, enables all employees to undergo technical training and be aware of associated safety hazards.”

In 2020, Engro Fertilizers was recognized locally and globally with several awards for displaying commitment and focus towards ensuring employee well-being and maintaining HSE standards. These awards include the Country Best Award by the British Safety Council, Health & Safety Silver Award by Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents, eight Green Office Awards by the World Wildlife Foundation, the Annual Fire Safety Excellence Award by the NFEH and the overall Platinum Award in Occupational Safety and Health at the Best Practices in OSH Awards.