Ghias Khan on how Engro aims to help Pakistan expand economic growth by 2030

CEO engro Ghias Khan talks about Pakistan in the next decade and how it can become one of the greatest development story.


Mr. Ghias Khan is a Pakistani businessman and entrepreneur who is the 4th and current President and Chief Executive Officer of Engro Corporation. GVS sat with Mr. Ghias Khan for to know his vision for Pakistan in 2030.

Pakistan is at a critical juncture as it enters the new decade. We must build on the momentum of a sharp recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and use this opportunity to undertake wider economic reforms to achieve sustained indigenous and inclusive growth. If Pakistan is to achieve transformational growth under its Vision 2025 and beyond, the focus needs to be on enhancing productivity and embracing the knowledge economy.

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It is encouraging to note that the government is prioritizing energy security and food security for the country’s development. Over the last decade, other regional economies have leapfrogged Pakistan in terms of industrialization and export-led growth, primarily due to our unprecedented energy crisis. To tackle this crisis, Engro plans to continue expanding its footprint in Thar, while also developing renewable generation opportunities and gas infrastructure. We are also committed to offering holistic seed-to-harvest solutions that improve crop yields and productivity to ensure better nourishment of our population, which will touch 260 million by 2030. In the coming few years, Engro aims to make sizeable investments in the telecom tower sharing business as well to democratize internet access and help Pakistan make rapid strides in the new knowledge economy.

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In the next few years, I believe the government will continue to focus on creating an enabling environment for the revival of private investments. As the economy liberalizes, the government would be required to move away from its traditional role of an operator to that of a regulator. With the right mix of policies and investments, I am confident that Pakistan can fulfil its promise of becoming one of the greatest development stories in recent times. At the same time, we must not only build fast but also better by achieving our UN SDG commitments. This will require a collective and concerted effort from all stakeholders – we cannot afford to slip up by repeating mistakes of the past.

The transcript with Mr. Ghias Khan has been edited as per GVS policy.

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