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Friday, February 16, 2024

Eva shares Pakistan’s tourism potential in captivating video

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Eva zu Beck, a Polish travel blogger in her latest video message has stated that Pakistan holds immense potential to become the world’s top tourist destination.

In an extremely captivating video message released on her Instagram and Twitter shared her experience of exploring the magnificent and diverse landscape from Pakistan. She elaborated the beauty she witnessed from the deserts of Baluchistan to the mighty mountainous peaks in the Karakoram region.


In the same video, she also presented her arguments that why she believes Pakistan can be the world top tourist destination rivalling its neighbours like Bhutan and Nepal in the region.

According to Beck, “Starting with the mountains of Pakistan, one of the greatest assets that nature has bestowed on this country. Beyond the current resorts of Malam Jabba and Naltar. Why can’t ski resorts dot the peak of these mountains?”

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“And beyond that, looking at the beautiful landscapes views of Skardu and Hunza and Swat….. why can’t Pakistan become the next Bhutan or Nepal?” she said.

Beck continues, “With mountaineering and mountain trekking infrastructures that rival those of its neighbouring countries? With eight of the world’s 20 tallest mountains, this should be the epicentre of the world’s trekking, adventures, and mountain tourism.”

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She also spoke about the Hingol National Park in Balochistan that according to her is the best destination for camping. Beck said, “Why can’t this become the next Grand Canyon?”

She believes the entire coast of Arabian Sea with the right vision can serve as the world’s prime beach spot for every season. “Imagine five-star resorts, private islands and beach shacks lining the beautiful coastline,” Beck added.

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Eva zu Beck has recently toured Pakistan again on the invitation of the federal government of Pakistan. She was the guest and was invited to take part in the Pakistan Tourism Summit in Islamabad. She along with other foreign travel bloggers met Prime Minister Imran Khan to discuss the future prospects of tourism in Pakistan.