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Monday, July 15, 2024

Exciting teaser of ‘Mahira Khan’s 7 Din Muhabbat In’ released

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The second teaser of Mahira Khan’s upcoming movie ‘7 Din Muhabbat In’ is released. The exciting trailer predicts that the movie will be more than just a rom-com. It promises to be a strong storyline that usually many rom-com lacks.

Mahira Khan was present in Karachi for the trailer launch of the movie.  She said, ” she feels nervous and excited to watch the trailer with everyone.” “I wanted to do comedy for a long time and I didn’t need much convincing,” she said about signing the film.

The movie also features Sheharyar Munawwar as Tipu in lead role. Actresses Amna Ilyas and Mira Sethi are love interests of Tipu in the movie. Mahira Khan is playing the lead character of Neeli and Javed Sheikh is playing a ghost in the movie.

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The actors were asked about their characters in the movie and here is what they said. Javed Sheikh said, ‘when they told me my role is of a jinn, I got scared and said I can’t do this role because I had a conventional jinn in mind. When they narrated the character to me, it was nothing like I had thought.’

Amna Ilyas said, ‘all the women, at one point in their lives, want to kill men, whether it’s their husband or boyfriend and my character in the film hates Tipu. This role was very challenging for me because in real life I actually really like men.’

Sheharyar Munawwar said it took him quite a lot of effort to get into the character of Tipu. He said he was not sure if he will be able to hold his real self in the movie.

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He said, “pre-Tipu was hard to get into. We worked really hard; the directors and I. It was physically draining; adopting the slouch, I still have a backache because of that.” Munawwar added the first thing he did after the completion of the movie was to shave his hair off.

The movie is set to release on Eid-ul-Fitr in June. The makers are anticipating to make ‘7Din Muhabbat In’ this year’s highest-grossing movie in Pakistan.