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Is Mahira Khan a ‘smoker’?

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Mahira Khan landed in hot waters after another video of her, smoking during an event, surfaced online. The actress was filmed smoking, for the second time, since her previous controversy in which the actress was snapped smoking with an Indian actor Ranbir Kapoor in New York last year.

Mahira Khan caught smoking again. 🚭🚬

Posted by Pakistani Talent Promoter on Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Mahira faces backlash, once again, on social media

The video, from an event, that surfaced online has stirred criticism from a selected group of people on social media that are deeming Mahira Khan’s smoking a “violation” of norms and values in Pakistan. They believe being a Pakistani actress she must not smoke.

As opposed to her previous ‘smoking’ controversy that garnered collective disapproval from the people, this time many stood in her defense. Many of her followers came in large number to support and defend the actress saying it is her freedom to determine how she wants to live.

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 The actress is seen in the video trying to hide it as soon as she realized she was being filmed.

Mahira Khan has not responded to the controversy yet but her followers expect a statement from her.

Mahira Khan in her latest interview with BBC ‘HardTalk’ expressed how she felt ‘violated’ when images of her sharing a cigarette with an Indian actor Ranbir Kapoor surfaced online.

Her pictures certainly surprised her followers that were followed by an onslaught of criticism on the actress. Mahira Khan said it was the first time ever she was embroiled in the controversy.

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“That was the first time in my entire career that I was caught up in a so-called controversy and it was strange because there were so many things in that. One, obviously you feel violated, you are in a personal downtime moment and someone has just photographed you.

“Two, obviously there was an uproar because here I was, someone who is extremely loved in Pakistan, and they sort of keep me up on this pedestal you know, they treat me with a lot of love and a lot of respect. And there are certain things I didn’t realize that they don’t want to see me do.”

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“At that point yes, it was crazy honestly because it lasted for a while… It was crazy, it was ridiculous.”

It seems Mahira Khan this time has paid no heed to the criticism.

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  1. She did wrong and the point of standing in denial to such activities for actors especially is because these people are “celebrities” and they are looked upon by people as role models and people try to be apt them in their lives.

  2. It is nothing to be an issue.No doubt smoking makes woman personality prejudicial but it is very common now that woman smokes.we shouldn’t be much concerned over her life style

  3. I don’t understand onething … Why in the hell showbiz media in our screwed up Pakistani society becomes so touchy about small small things. Mahira is doing this… Mahira is doing that….Now she’s smoking cigarette …Now she’s smoking pot …There she goes again drinking Coniag…. Now look what is she doing with Ranbir Kapoor …Goddamn it …For crying out loud…. Can we let her spend her life on her own…. She isn’t taking from anyone …Doesn’t owe to anyone … For Heaven’s sake can we simply leave her alone …Leave her on her own… She is not a child … She is mature enough to know what’s right for her n what’s wrong for her… Can we stop budding our nose into her personal affairs….!!!

    • Lodhi you right but actors share their lives with us their dramas pictures and everything show in televisions net so people watch them…take interest in them…judge them and write derogatory remarks

  4. There are people like Zardari who are Menace to our society … They drink … they screwup “fresh kurdee” every single night … They don’t have mercy in murdering their wives .. brother in law … party workers and other innocent by standards. The party prostitutes serves them drink openly in a political processions with some army establishment ‘s prostitute like Sherry Rehman sitting next to them. Later they dance … So with Mahira Khan …what’s a big fuss with her smoking or even drinking if she does…. At least … she isn’t screwing with anybody’s life.

  5. Anatomically, being a doctor I say that their is no difference between a man and a woman’s lungs. Then ciggarette smoking is just like consuming anything else. If a woman cannot smoke in Pakistan by virtue of just being Pakistani, then this would mean that she cannot take anything else men might be enjoying. I cannot understand why the Paki nation is so aggressive when they see a woman occasionally smoking a ciggarette while totally ignoring the men who smoke openely even in their offices during work everyday. This implies that even after being educated to some extent as with most pakistanis, they have a self-created irrational extremist mentality not in terms of religion but in terms of what you can say “Jahallat” or “male masochism” or a closed dual faced culture. I agree with Mahira Khan. If she can perform acting just like men do then why can’t she smoke?


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