Fahad Mustafa slams web series for nudity, and abusive language

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Actor Fahad Mustafa in his recent social media post slammed the entertainment content that sells on nudity, sex, and abusive language. He also took a jibe at such actor who according to him ‘sale themselves’ at cheap rates.

There were no clear hints as to whom his tweet was aimed for but people speculated that it was intended towards the recently released trailer of a short film titled ‘Enaaya’ featuring Mehwish Hayat, produced by Wajahat Rauf. The trailer, however, garnered criticism for usage of abusive language.

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“Nudity, abusive language and just talking about sex is not content. Let’s not call it freedom of speech!” He began. “Actors selling themselves very cheaply is not cool at all. Web series and short films need to be a little dignified or they should just call it porn…”

Due to the brewing controversy, the actor later posted a clarification tweet.

“I love you @wajahatrauf and you know it … my tweet was about foreign content and not your people just trying to create an issue out of nothing … Best of luck for your upcoming film and whatever you do in future my friend,” he stated.

His followers on Twitter agreed with his statement and demanded the filmmakers come up with healthy content.

Other expressed strong disapproval of his statement and instead blamed him of hypocrisy since the ‘Na Maloom Afraad’ series in which Fahad Mustafa played a lead role included two items songs, ‘Billi’ and ‘Kaif o Suroor’ featuring Mehwish Hayat and Sadaf Butt respectively.

Some users believed that the core intent of online short films and series is to cover and discuss topics that otherwise can’t be discussed on national TV. They said that Pakistani actor must mature their outlook on the entertainment industry.