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Monday, April 15, 2024

Faisal Vawda: ‘Dabang’ entry causes Twitter debate

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Pakistan’s Tehreek-I-Insaf’s Federal Minister for Water Resources Faisal Vawda evoked an interesting discussion on social media yesterday for his heroic entry at the site of a terror attack. Faisal Vawda was spotted along with the Police wearing a bullet-resistant vest and a gun in hand.

The video of Faisal Vawda created frenzy on social media. He was seen along with the Police force on the site of the attack and seemed prepared to take part in the operation against the terrorists.

His heroic act, however, did not go well with the Twitterati. The video stirred an onslaught of criticism on Faisal Vawda. The federal minister’s act was called irresponsible and many called it was done purely to gain traction. Others believe, reaching the site of attack with an intention to take a part in the operation transcended his domain of authority as a Federal Minister for Water. Faisal Vawda was mocked, trolled, and became a subject of hilarious memes on social media.

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Eventually, Faisal Vawda took to the Twitter and responded to the ongoing hullabaloo. Faisal Vawda in a tweet defended his presence at took a dig at the naysayers.

He wrote, “I was informed as I was in the vicinity & I further informed the concerned agencies. As a Pakistani I didn’t shy away, it’s my right to use my licensed weapon for self-defence. At least I’m not a coward like many hiding behind keyboards and bullshitting.”

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“I know all the lifafa journalists also and these social media cowards who can only criticise and sitting like chickens. As Fed min it is my domain to assist Federal agencies. I don’t run away when the country needs you. So hell with whosoever has a problem with me being there.”

“At least I was there from the start till the end. Ask any media reporter present there. Feel sorry for those ducks criticising who are only liability to their parents and country”, he said in his tweet.

Faisal Vawda is one of the aggressive and outspoken leaders of Pakistan Tehreek-I-Insaf hailing from Karachi. Several times he has been under the radar for his machoism.

Should he been at the terror site, can only be approved or disapproved by the public. However, there were some who lauded the Minister as they believed it was a ‘gesture’ of support that mattered.