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Monday, July 15, 2024

This police officer is winning the hearts of millions across Pakistan

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The SSP Sajawal Sindh Police, Saud Magsi is melting the hearts of the people on social media for his humanitarian gesture with the recently rescued Sindhi poet Mushtaq Kamlani. The famous Sindhi poet Mushtaq Kamlani was found lying on a road in a devastated condition begging for food. Mushtaq Kamlani was on the brink of death when the personnel of Sindh Police reached for his rescue.

SSP Sajawal Saud Magsi paid a special visit to the renowned Sindhi poet, writer, and author of several English books Mr. Kamlani after the matter was brought to the attention of Sindh Government through viral social media posts depicting his debilitated condition.


SSP Sajawal paid him a visit, shared the lunch with him as promised and also invited the team of doctors from Karachi for his health check-up. The SSP Magsi has also promised to pay the expenditures of his treatment personally from his salary.

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The video of SSP Saud Magsi feeding the food to Mushtaq Kamlani is heavily circulating on social media. The video shows SSP Saud Magsi inviting Mushtaq Kamlani for a dinner at SSP house. He then, asked if he had accepted his offer. The poet smiled and said ‘yes’. His humble gesture has not only garnered him appreciation but has painted a humanitarian image of Sindh police among the people.

Minister of Culture and Heritage Syed Sardar Ali Shah and adviser to Chief Minister Sindh Murad Ali Shah, Murtaza Wahab have ensured that Mushtaq Kamlani will be taken care of. He also informed the writer will be given proper treatment at Karachi.

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The critics, however, have slammed the Sindh Government for being oblivious of the devastating condition of the intellectuals and poets in Sindh. They say such disrespect of the poets and cultural representatives is a bad omen for a society that immensely needs such people to ward off the growing extremism in the society through the power of their pen.

Mushtaq Kamlani is reaching Karachi and is expected to meet the Sindh Governor Imran Ismail. The Pakistan Tehreek-I-Insaf’s leader informed through his social media account.