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Thursday, April 18, 2024

Faisal Vawda defends himself as PTI issues show cause notice

Following the explosive press conference, PTI leaders claimed that Faisal Vawda's statements do not represent party policy and a show cause notice was issued to him. However, Faisal Vawda said his "opponents" can do whatever they want.

After being issued a show-cause notice by the party, PTI leader Faisal Vawda has defended himself and said there is nothing in his press conference that went against the party policy.

Pertinent to mention that his press conference caused quite a storm and PTI leaders denounced his comments which apparently damaged the upcoming PTI long march. Party leader Ali Haider Zaidi even claimed that Faisal Vawda was launched by the “imported government” against the long march.

Faisal Vawda – in an apparent snub to Ali Haider Zaidi – said he gave accurate advice to his party ahead of the anti-government long march.

Vawda also said Ali Zaidi is not at par to merit his reaction. There is a lot in the shipping ministry — a ministry managed by Ali Zaidi in the previous era of Imran Khan —  that could come to the light if affairs are exposed.

Vawda said that he gave the right advice to his party because some conspirators may target innocent people in the PTI’s peaceful march.

Following the press conference, PTI leaders claimed that Faisal Vawda’s statements do not represent party policy and a show cause notice was issued to him.

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“This is in serious violation of party rules as per the constitution, therefore, you are required to submit a reply within two days of this notice stating why your party membership should not be cancelled,” the show cause notice read.

Reacting to the show cause notice, Faisal Vawda said his “opponents” can do whatever they want, he, however, stands by what he said.

“Let my opponents do whatever they want, I stand by what I have said for Arshad Sharif, I have given true advice to my party, I have said before and I am still saying that some conspirators are on our peace march. Innocent people can be made scapegoats, what is against party policy in this?” Faisal Vawda tweeted.

Faisal Vawda’s explosive press conference

Wednesday, Faisal Vawda held a press conference where he made explosive statements. PTI leaders were left shocked and bewildered after party leader Faisal Vawda appeared on state-owned broadcaster PTV and placed himself at the forefront and “tried to damage” the party’s upcoming long march to Islamabad.

In the press conference, Faisal Vawda dismissed the Kenyan police’s version of senior journalist Arshad Sharif’s killing and said that his murder was “premeditated.” He also said that the establishment had no role in the killing of senior journalist Arshad Sharif, adding that the name of the conspirators would be revealed soon.

On PTI’s long march, Faisal Vawda said he sees the march would “witness bloodshed, death, and funerals.”

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Faisal Vawda said that “important and common” people’s deaths will take place in the long march, adding that there were “ulterior motives” behind the march to Islamabad. He said that several deaths will take place before and during the long march as the motive is to “divert the attention” so that the nation “would start seeing things in black as white”.