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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Faisalabad Torture Case: Ana Ali granted protective bail

One of the main suspects of the case, Ana Ali, received protective bail from the Islamabad High Court on Monday.

Instead of travelling to the city after the FIR was filed in Faisalabad, Ana and her attorney were directed to appear before the Islamabad high court today with documentation proving Ana’s residence in Islamabad. The IHC received an affidavit on behalf of the petitioner.

The court expressed outrage during the hearing at Ana’s attorney’s assertion that the petitioner lived in Islamabad. The applicant had certainly arrived in Islamabad following the FIR’s filing, the court noted.

The judge went on to say that everyone comes to the court in the federal capital because getting protective bail is simple.

In the case involving the kidnapping, torturing, and abuse of a Faisalabad medical student who was Ana Ali’s friend, the IHC granted Ana Ali Sheikh a four-day protective bail in exchange for a surety bond of Rs25,000.

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Ana Ali had entered a plea at the IHC, claiming that she was underage and was concerned about being detained by the police as part of the case’s investigation. Despite not being there when the incident occurred, she claimed in her plea that she was nominated in the case. Additionally, she said that the police were under pressure to detain her. She promised to come before the relevant court, so the judge should grant her protective bail so she can avoid arrest.

Earlier, Ana Ali’s father, Sheikh Danish, who is Ana Ali’s father, along with at least five other men allegedly abducted, tortured and sexually assaulted a medical student in Faisalabad.

Danish Ali is a resident of Paradise Valley in Rawalpindi, is a businessman and owner of Rawalpindi’s Best Export company. The victim was kidnapped, tortured and subjected to sexual abuse by her friend Ana Ali’s father because she refused his marriage proposal.

A complaint was registered by the victim wherein she stated that Sheikh Danish Ali, his daughter Ana Ali, Faizan, Shoaib, Mahamand Khan Muhammad tortured Khadija and her brother at gunpoint.