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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Family denies, Police insists Dua Mangi has been kidnapped for ransom

Unable to recover the kidnapped girl, Dua Mangi, Karachi Police believes the 20-year-old Law student has been abducted for ransom.

While addressing the press conference on Thursday, DIG South Zone Sharjeel Khan asserted that the investigation suggests the girl has been kidnapped for ransom. He, however, did not elaborate further on the investigation in the case but added that Police are probing the case with multiple angles. Karachi Police, however, has appealed to the citizen to help them recover the girl.

On the other hand, Dua’s family has rejected Police claims that Dua has been kidnapped for ransom. They argued that they have not received any call for ransom and that police is hiding their failure behind the assertions of ransom.

Its been five days since the disappearance of the girl, Police has so far questioned 12 people in the case. The family of the girl has been calling out the Karachi Police for failing to recover the girl while the students of the S.M Law College, her friends, relatives and members of civil society held a demonstration outside Karachi’s Press Club for her safe recovery.

The mysterious case of the kidnapping of a 20-year-old student Dua Mangi was reported from Karachi’s upscale DHA last week on late Sunday night. Her friend was left injured with a gunshot in a horrific incident. The unidentified armed men set upon them while they were walking to their car, showed a CCTV footage. Reports reveal that she is the niece of famous Sindh language poet and columnist, Aijaz Mangi. A report claimed that Dua was a frequent visitor at the café with her friends. That day she went with her sister Laila Mangi, who returned earlier from the café but Dua insisted to stay and said she will return later.

Dua’s family has also regretted the disgraceful comments passed on the victim on social media following her kidnapping. A certain section of social media posted abrasive comments, slut-shaming Dua Mangi for her kidnapping.

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It is reported that the boy Haris Fateh was injured when he was trying to save Dua Mangi from abduction. Police have so far not been able to recover the girl from kidnappers nor is the reason for kidnapping ascertained. But Police has recorded the statement of 22 people as the investigation went further.

The incident was reported at Chai Master, a popular Dhaba-styled café in Karachi’s upscale area. According to a few social media reports, the injured Haris Fateh called his family to inform about the incident. Some people asserted that the case is a personal conflict between Dua and a boy. Dua is abducted by a boy whom she was in a relationship. The boy after abducting Dua has demanded ransom from her family.


However, even after five days, the question persists who kidnapped Dua and where is she? Will Sindh Police will be able to solve a complex case of the kidnapping of Dua Mangi? The case, has, indeed become a challenge for the Sindh Police that fervently speaks for reducing the crime rate in the city considerably.