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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

American sitcom ‘Family Guy’ features Pakistani pop culture through PSL joke

The newest, recently premiered season of US sitcom 'Family Guy' has incorporated PSL teams in one of its comedic jokes.

Popular US sitcom ‘Family Guy’ season 19 premiered on September 27 and joked about Pakistan’s very own Pakistan Super League (PSL) with PSL teams Lahore Qalandars and Karachi Kings being the central focus of the joke, reported Geo News.

In the scene containing Lahore Qalandars and Karachi Kings, the main character of the show Peter Griffin is depicted casually sitting with his friends at their local pub having a few drinks when the conversation of ‘foreign’ sports fans suddenly is initiated.

PSL teams are the punchline of Family Guy’s new joke

“On Saturday mornings, it’s just weird foreign sports fans, like those Pakistani cricket hooligans,” the character Glenn Quagmire says. The focus then immediately shifts to two Pakistani men with mustaches at the bar who are wearing green t-shirts with ‘Lahore’ written on them.

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“If you’re not rooting for Lahore, please you may leave I can tell you,” one out of the two Pakistani character says. “Lahore cricketers are the best and the others are not the best, dear friends,” says the second Pakistani cricket fan.

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The scene then shifts to Family Guy character Joe Swanson who is shown as a Karachi Kings fan. Joe covers up his shirt with the Karachi logo as he does not “have a death wish about it [his preferred team]”.

Mixed reactions to Lahore Qalandars, Karachi Kings joke

The joke about the Pakistani cricket teams has garnered mixed reactions, as many complaint that the Pakistani characters were shown speaking in an Indian accent and others were surprised and excited that PSL teams were included in a Family Guy joke.

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Family Guy is one of the most popular animated sitcoms around the world, and is among the top rated sitcoms in both the US and around the globe. The animated television show has won several Emmy Awards since its production started and has over 350 episodes and 18 seasons and now continues with the newest and current season 19 which premiered on Sunday, September 27.

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