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Friday, July 19, 2024

Fans in angst with the remake of ‘Aap Jaisa Koi’ featuring Malaika

Sentiments of disgust, regarding the song, are shared on both sides of the border. Some call it a murder of the iconic song.

The Bollywood remake of Nazia Hassan’s classic hit ‘Aap Jaisa Koi’ featuring Malaika Arora and Ayushman Khurana is receiving flak online.

Netizens have expressed their disgust following the release of the teaser of the remake of Aap Jaisa Koi for the upcoming movie ‘Action Hero’. The song is being criticized from both sides of the border. Nazia Hassan had first sung the song in the 1980s featuring Zeenat Aman for the movie ‘Qurbani’.

As soon as the song was released, netizens started sharing clips of the original version of the song. “Another masterpiece being copied by Bollywood anyways this will always remain unmatched,” wrote a Twitter user.


Another Twitter user wrote that people involved in the remake of the song must be ‘jailed.’ “@tanishkbagchi and Bhushan Kumar should be jailed for life got destroying all the old nostalgic songs. #AapJaisaKoi,” wrote the Indian Twitter user.

Sentiments of disgust, regarding the song, are shared on both sides of the border which is a rare sight.

“Zeenat Aman and Nazia Hassan, we failed you,” wrote another fan.

One Indian fan wrote that the remake seems like the ‘murder of the iconic song’. She compares the song compared it with it to eating expensive biryani topped with Nutella.

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Nazia Hassan’s songs are v personal to me esp. aap jaisa koi – y’all need to stop digging your claws into every iconic song & ruin it for the public! the newer version does not even have the charm or the vibe! they have completely ruined the song! t-series needs to be held back,” wrote an extremely disappointed fan.

Some believe that Bollywood should stop making remixes of old songs. Others said that Bollywood should come up with original songs instead of ruining old songs.

This is not the first time Bollywood has received flak for a remake of the old classic songs having connection with Pakistan.