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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Fatima Bhutto’s ‘The Runaways’ to hit the shelves in October

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Fatima Bhutto is all set to get her new novel “The Runways” published in October 2018. The exciting news was shared by Fatima Bhutto on her Twitter account.

“I am very happy that The Runaways, my new novel, will be published first in Pakistan, India and the region by Penguin India this October,” Fatima Bhutto tweeted.

‘The Runaways’ is Fatima Bhutto’s third book. She has penned best-selling books, ‘Songs of Blood and Sword’ and ‘The Shadow of the Crescent Moon’.

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The publishers have named her upcoming work as the ‘explosive new work of fiction’.

According to Ambar Sahil Chatterjee, commissioning editor at Penguin Random House India, “Fatima Bhutto’s new novel is born out of very contemporary concerns, and her characters are absorbingly complex – from a young woman struggling to better her prospects to a young man tormented by homosexual urges he strives to suppress. Readers are going to be shocked and moved by what she has to say.”

Indian Publication House Penguin India will publish her fictional novel in October. “Penguin India has been my home for the past 10 years and I am thrilled that my new novel—a book very close to my heart — will be published by them this October,” she said in a statement.

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The Runaway deals with the question of modern Muslim identity in the world aflame with violence.

The story follows the life of three distinct people living in London, Karachi, and Portsmouth that eventually meets in the desert of Mosul, where life and death go hand-in-hand as their heavily guarded secrets will force them to take challenging decisions.

The story features Anita Rose, who belongs to the slums of Karachi, living with her elder brother and mother. Anita Rose struggles to escape the stifling life in slums as she strives to educate herself, scribbling words of English that she learned from TV and taught to her by elderly neighbors.

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The story also includes Monty, who lives in another side of Karachi. Monty’s father owns half of the city, but what he wants in life is more than just fast cars and easy girls. When Layla a rebellious girl joins his school, he knows his life will never be the same again.