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Saturday, May 25, 2024

Faysal Quraishi Advocates for Screening of Indian Films to Revive Pakistani Cinemas

Faysal Quraishi advocates screening Indian films in Pakistani cinemas, citing missed economic opportunities and the need for industry revival.

Renowned actor and host Faysal Quraishi have expressed his support for the idea of screening Indian movies in Pakistani cinemas as a means to revitalize the local film industry. In a recent interview, the veteran actor, who holds over 20 national awards, extensively discussed his career, the entertainment industry, and bilateral relations between India and Pakistan.

During the interview, Quraishi, known for his prolific contributions to Pakistani dramas and movies, emphasized the need to normalize ties between the two countries. He stated, “I am a patriotic Pakistani, but you will have to run Bollywood movies in our local cinemas to revive the industry.” Quraishi believes that the people of Pakistan are eager to watch Indian movies in their cinemas, and normalizing relations between the countries would be beneficial.

Impact of Ban on Indian Films and Economic Prospects

The call for screening Indian films comes in the context of a complete ban on Indian films in Pakistani cinemas since late 2019. Quraishi pointed out that the ban has resulted in missed economic opportunities for the Pakistani film and drama industry. He estimated that if there were no ban, the industry could have been earning around Rs 6,000 to 7,000 million annually. The ban has restricted potential revenue from the entertainment business, including the screening of Pakistani content on Indian streaming platforms and channels.

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Highlighting the economic impact, Quraishi expressed regret over shutting down revenue avenues. He explained, “Our movies and serials were being shown on their online portals, and people went to the cinemas as well to watch Indian films, bringing in valuable revenue for our industry. It is funny we tend to shut down our avenues of revenue.” According to him, allowing the screening of Indian films in Pakistani cinemas is crucial for the growth of the local industry.

Missed Opportunities and Industry Revival

Faysal Quraishi contended that the Pakistani entertainment industry can be revived by showcasing its films online and hitting international streaming platforms. He stressed the need for producing content of a high caliber and suggested that the industry could not grow without allowing Indian films to be screened in Pakistani cinemas. The actor urged a reconsideration of the ban, emphasizing the importance of attracting audiences to cinemas with new and exciting content. He concluded that until this change is implemented, the industry would face challenges in terms of growth and financial stability.