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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Feroze Khan slams Indian journalist who thrashed ‘Khuda aur Muhabbat’

Feroze Khan battles with an Indian journalist on Twitter. The journalist, who is an advocate of PM Modi, slammed Feroze Khan for mentioning Jammu Kashmir amid the COVID-19 crisis, to which the Pakistani actor quickly retorted.

Actor Feroze Khan has slammed Indian journalist, Sonam Mahajan, who thrashed the ongoing Pakistani serial, Khuda aur Muhabbat 3.

Two days back, Feroze Khan while expressing solidarity with the people of India ravaged by COVID-19 has asked people not to forget the persecuted people of IIOJK. “I am sure it’s a tough time in India and I pray for humanity everywhere. But just imagine what Kashmir has been going through and why?” said Feroze Khan in a tweet.

An Indian commentator and advocate of the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi jumped on his timeline and slammed him for mentioning Jammu Kashmir amid the COVID-19 crisis. She also thrashed the Pakistani serial, Khuda and Muhabbat while demeaning Feroze Khan.

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“Khan, you focus on playing a creepy stalker in cringe shows like Khuda Aur Muhabbat. If you read history instead of Muṭāla e-Pākistān, you would know that Pakistan started the Kashmir conflict by sending militias to capture it in 1947. Plunderers don’t take high moral grounds,” said Sonam Mahajan.


Feroze Khan hit back the India journalist with a savage reply. He said: That creepy stalker just made history, All Praise to Allah. I’m ahead of 1947 today Indian govt is butchering people there not Pakistan,” said Khan.

To which Mahajan said, “Well, a creepy stalker is still a creepy stalker. The fact that you made history with such content explains what’s wrong with our subcontinent. Even the Boulder shooter felt that Muslims were being persecuted everywhere, I expected you to be smarter than an average jihadi goon.”

Feroze Khan again retorted to Mahajan saying that, “just to get the idea who the jihadi goon was talking to and I went to see your verified profile I saw your banner saying “hope I made you cry” and from there I wasn’t interested in the profile.”

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“And I like how I am talking to “Miss Akal e Qul” who believes the whole of the subcontinent needs a fix after this like your banner if you cry one more time you’re not getting a response so no more attention-seeking Kthanksbye,” said Feroze Khan as he ended the argument.