FIA likes to harass people: Chief Justice lashes out

While expressing his displeasure with the Federal Investigation Agency's performance, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court claimed that the FIA is harassing individuals by putting nets in the name of the investigation to see how many fish will come.

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The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, while expressing anger over the performance of the Federal Investigation Agency, said that the FIA ​​is harassing the people, laying nets in the name of investigation to find out how many fish will come.

According to details, a three-member bench headed by Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed heard the suo motu notice regarding the rights of minorities and abandoned waqf properties. Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed expressed anger over abandoned waqf properties and FIA officials FIA should not harass people, people should not be afraid of FIA that they will take me away, FIA spreads a net in the name of investigation how many fish will be caught Suffers from instability due to movements.

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Is FIA being maligned?

During the hearing, Patron Enchef Hindu Council said that a commercial plaza is being constructed on the land of Dharamshala in Fazal Town, Karachi.

Inquiring, the Chief Justice said, “Should you order the demolition of all the old buildings like this? You could not save the Dharamshala established in 1932 in its original condition. Mr. Chairman, you cannot escape from your responsibilities.”

The Chief Justice of Pakistan asked the FIA officials what action has been taken against the Jain Temple and the Blue Dome in Lahore. The FIA ​​should not harass the people, people should not be afraid that the FIA ​​will pick them up.

Minority National Assembly member Ramesh Kumar said during the hearing that there were no facilities for minorities in government hospitals in KPK. On which the Chief Justice asked the Chief Secretary KPK if he had ever visited the government hospitals of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. To which the Chief Secretary KP said that he had been in office for some time. I had all the medical facilities.

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Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed said that there are facilities for you everywhere, but there are no facilities for ordinary citizens in the hospitals. I fear that soon the hospitals of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa will become five-star hotels.

The court directed the chief secretary to submit a detailed report on the condition of all government hospitals in the province and adjourned the hearing for one month.

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