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Saturday, February 4, 2023

First Lady’s friend Farah Khan rejects corruption allegations

Taking to Twitter, Farah Khan denied the corruption allegations against her. In a statement, she urged to stop spreading rumors regarding her and her family. 

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First Lady Bushra Bibi’s close aide Farah Khan has rejected the corruption allegations leveled against her. Farah Khan’s statement comes after she became the talk of the town following dissenting PTI leader and former Punjab senior minister Abdul Aleem Khan’s claims against her.

Taking to Twitter, Farah Khan denied the corruption allegations against her. In a statement, she urged to stop spreading rumors regarding her and her family.

“I outrightly condemn all accusations and rumors with regards to myself and my family. I have neither involved myself in politics nor was I ever in a position to interfere in governmental affairs,” Farah Khan said.

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“Those who have attempted to tarnish my character must remember their sister. My husband has already given his statement with regards to our business,” she added. Furthermore, she said that the rumors caused “distress and suffering” to her family.

Allegations against Farah Khan

To clarify, in a press conference, Aleem Khan accused Bushra Bibi’s friend Farah of taking a lot of bribes and being involved in transfers and postings of bureaucrats in Punjab during Usman Buzdar’s tenure. Later, PML-N leader and former finance minister Miftah Ismail made similar allegations.

The PML-N leader alleged that the first lady’s close aide “took the money” for the transfer of civil servants in Punjab.

“She can engage in corrupt activities because she is friends with the wives of public officeholders. She was someone’s frontwoman,” alleged Ismail.

On the other hand, the former Punjab CM too denied the allegations. He claimed that political transfers in Punjab during his time were solely carried out on the basis of “merit and rules and regulations”.

Ever since the political leader made the allegations, reports on Farah Khan’s wealth made the rounds. New revelations continue to emerge regarding Farah Khan, raising questions on how she attained such wealth.

According to an investigative report by The News, Farah Khan booked a Rs. 70 million Porshe car for which she paid Rs. 33 million in advance. In another instance, an image of her holding a $ 90,000 Birkin bag while sitting in a chartered plane went viral.

Moreover, media reports also claimed that Farah Khan’s Ghang village in Sheikhupura turned out to be the most funded village in Punjab. According to details, on the recommendations of the Punjab chief minister’s office, Farah Khan’s village received a total of Rs. 119 million for development works.

Even the PTI ticket-holders are believed to have never received as much funding for development works in their constituencies as received by Farah Khan’s village.

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