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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Fiza Hussain’s journey from “Aalima” to notorious “Hareem Shah”

Father of Hareem Shah-Tik Tok celebrity, apologized to people for his daughter's embarrassing actions of defaming people and leaking their videos. The teary-eyed man expressed regret on his daughter's actions.

Father of TikTok celebrity, Hareem Shah, has apologized to people for his daughter’s actions that are lately offending and humiliating people, mostly high-profile politicians and celebrities.

He apologized to people who were affected by her videos and scandals adding that slandering people is not his family tradition.

The man introduced himself as Zarrar Hussain Shah in a 12-minute video. He informed that Hareem Shah’s original name is Fiza Hussain.


Her father disapproved of her actions and stated that he belongs to a respectable family but Hareem Shah’s scandals and controversies have left him embarrassed.

The helpless father cried while expressing his regret over Hareem Shah’s conduct. He sought forgiveness of Allah for him and his daughter Hareem Shah. The man asserted that he sent her daughter to a religious institute for her modest upbringing but to no avail.

“I sent her to the standard religious institute where she completed her education with good marks and became Aalima. I did everything I could do as a father, but she disappointed me,” said Zarrar Hussain.

His father’s video pinged across social media with people slamming Hareem Shah for dishonoring and disappointing her father publicly.

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Hareem Shah came to public attention following her TikTok videos in Pakistan’s Foreign Office. Her videos had garnered immense backlash on social media. PM Khan had ordered an investigation into how she was allowed into the consular-only premises and provided the full protocol to record the videos.

Recently, she incited a furor for claiming that Federal Railway Minister Sheikh Rashid has contracted a temporary marriage with her friend. Shah did not name the girl but claimed that she is an eye-witness of a temporary marriage between Sheikh Rashid and her friend.

She even claimed that Sheikh Rasheed harassed her, uploaded the video of her live chat with a federal cabinet minister, Sheikh Rasheed. She even leaked the video of interaction with PTI leader Fayyaz-ul-Hassan Chohan.

Hareem Shah’s controversial statements sparked suspicions among Sheikh Rashid’s followers. The railway minister, however, did not comment on the controversy. She leaked the videos purportedly to stir a controversy against Sheikh Rashid to back her claims.

The purpose of leaked videos by Hareem Shah is unclear but several social media users claim that she leaked these videos for fame.

Previously, her video of dancing with a PML-N leader went viral on social media.