FM Qureshi’s reception of US diplomat shows Pakistan’s strong stance?

FM Qureshi's decision to not personally receive Ms. Sherman could be a portrayal of Pakistan's assertiveness that Ms. Sherman's statements in India did not go unnoticed. Nevertheless, Pakistan still welcomes any dialogue with the US, especially with the ongoing situation in Afghanistan. 

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US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman, who arrived in Islamabad last night on a two-day official visit, met Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi at the Foreign Office on Friday.

A video of the Foreign Minister welcoming Ms. Sherman made the rounds on social media. Interestingly, Foreign Minister, Shah Mahmood Qureshi received Ms. Sherman inside the building of the Foreign Office.

As per the protocol, foreign diplomats are usually welcomed by their counterparts personally receiving them at the entrance of the building. However, this time around, FM Qureshi let Sherman enter the building, and then he met her.

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Most importantly, Sherman’s visit to Pakistan came after her recent statements made in India on Pak-US ties.

During her visit to India, US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman Thursday said Washington has “no interest” in going back to the days hyphenating India and Pakistan. Moreover, her trip to Islamabad is only for a “specific and narrow purpose”.

“We (the US) don’t see ourselves building our broad relationship with Pakistan and we have no interest in returning to the days of a hyphenated India, Pakistan. That’s not where we are, that’s not where we are going to be,” Sherman said.

Consequently, the statements came as a shock to Pakistan as Pakistanis began questioning US intentions.

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On this note, it appears as if FM Qureshi’s decision to not receive Ms. Sherman could be a portrayal of Pakistan’s assertiveness that Ms. Sherman’s statements did not go unnoticed.

Nevertheless, Pakistan still welcomes any dialogue with the US, especially with the ongoing situation in Afghanistan.

Pak-US share same views on Afghanistan: FM Qureshi

While talking about the situation in Afghanistan, the FM said that Pakistan and the US have the same views on Afghanistan.

“The new Afghan setup will work for peace and stability as well as for the betterment of its people. A representative and broad-based Afghan government can be a trustworthy partner for the international community,” the FO quoted Qureshi as saying.

Similarly, US Deputy Secretary Sherman appreciated Pakistan’s help in the evacuation of the US and other nationals from Afghanistan, and also lauded its consistent efforts for peace in the region.

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