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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Food businesses encourage customers to vote on 25th July

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The General elections 2018 are scheduled on 25th July and people are eagerly waiting to witness a peaceful transition of a democratic government. The eateries are encouraging the people to vote on 25th July.

On the various Facebook page, the restaurants and food outlets are educating people on the importance of casting vote. Every citizen has the right to select their political candidate through the election. Also if someone does not vote then the person does hold any right to criticize the government.

One Facebook page read: On the 25th of July, make sure you exercise your right. In times of distress, if you stay silent, then you’re siding with the oppressor. It is understandably difficult to choose a candidate to vote for, as all we see is darkness wherever we turn. However, with that being said, it is essential that we take a leap of faith and go out to vote! Because if we do not, then we forfeit our right to say anything in the coming five years. Let’s hope for a prosperous Pakistan!

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It is a smart tactic employed by the eateries to promote their businesses as well as achieving their goals of corporate social responsibility. Some restaurants have also announced lucrative discounts on selected food items for people who will vote. The trend is particularly new in Pakistan but widespread in western countries.

Not only the eateries even the clothing brands are participating and encouraging people to vote. Media channels are running campaigns to encourage people to vote on Election Day if they wish for a better future of Pakistan.

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On the other side, the election fever is taking a toll on our celebrities who are actively sharing their messages on the social media accounts. After Waqar Younis celebrities like Wasim Akram, Dean Jones, Imran Abbas, Feroze Khan, and Zaid Ali have expressed their support for Imran Khan.