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Thursday, February 15, 2024

‘Free Nawaz Sharif’: Maryam Nawaz’s black outfit speaks of her defiance

Maryam Nawaz’s black outfit demanding the release of Nawaz Sharif attracts mixed reactions from netizens on social media.

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Having exerted all efforts to release Nawaz Sharif, will Maryam Nawaz’s latest tactic be successful?

Maryam Nawaz, the leading lady of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, appeared before the National Accountability Bureau on Friday for the Avenfield reference; however, it was her specially designed dress that gained traction on social media.

The headstrong Maryam Nawaz wore a black outfit today with a picture of Nawaz Sharif and a slogan inscribed demanding the release of the former premier.

“Free Nawaz Sharif,” read a slogan on Maryam’s dress. A non-conformist move of Maryam Nawaz shook the people on social media. Nevertheless, her detractors and advocates equally shared her picture; some censured her while others hailed her bold move.


Her black dress might be symbolic of her mourning against the imprisonment of former ousted premier Nawaz Sharif. Hina Butt, another activist of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, designed her dress.

Hina Butt, posting the picture on Twitter, called Maryam Nawaz the ‘epitome of defiance and determination in Pakistan’s politics’. Her advocates called her the perfect depiction of strength and courage on social media.

Maryam unusually registered her protests as she headed down to the Accountability Court after being summoned by NAB. NAB had claimed that the trust deeds produced by her in the case were bogus.

Ever since assuming the party leadership, Maryam Nawaz has commenced a relentless series of protests against the current government, particularly the judiciary.

Maryam Nawaz is acclaimed for her elegant style statement and always turns out well irrespective of the occasion, be it her arrest in the Panama case, upon her arrival from the UK or her first appearance before the NAB in a green dress.

Maryam Nawaz, however, reproached the government for heavily guarding the twin cities before her arrival. The daughter of former Prime Minister is doing her every best to ensure her father’s acquittal from the cases.