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Thursday, June 13, 2024

FWO ready to complete work on Kurram Tangi Dam

Once completed, the Kurram Tangi Dam, which has a capacity of 83. 4 MW, would control floodwater and irrigate the barren 35,000-acre land, and make North Waziristan self-sufficient in agricultural production.

Frontier Works Organization (FWO) continues to make steady progress on the Kurram Tangi Multipurpose Dam in North Waziristan. With FWO’s dedication, the project is set to be completed within the stipulated time i.e June 2023.

According to the timely updates provided by FWO, work on the kaitu weir and silt excluder has been completed. The weir will help raise the water levels. Meanwhile, the silt excluder will remove the silt from the water.

On the other hand, work on the feeder tunnel inlet and outlet, headrace channel and penstock is still underway. Moreover, FWO is yet to complete work on the powerhouse, it has made major headway on building its foundation.

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Once completed, the Kurram Tangi Dam, which has a capacity of 83. 4 MW, would control floodwater and irrigate barren 35,000-acre land, and make the province self-sufficient in agricultural production. Currently, water scarcity is the main problem facing the area. However, the dam will bring a positive change by ensuring food security.

Furthermore, the water storage and seepage from the dam will also recharge the groundwater reservoirs and increase the groundwater level. Subsequently, it would greatly increase the development of fisheries in the area.

As a result, the dam will contribute significantly to the socio-economic uplift of the people in the area by creating employment and business opportunities.

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Jaggran Hydropower Project-II 

Ever since its creation in 1966, FWO has played a commendable role. During the last 56 years, FWO progressed leaps and bounds becoming hence one of the largest civil engineering firms in Pakistan, contributing immensely to nation-building.

FWO is currently working on multiple projects across Pakistan, for instance, the Jaggran Hydropower Project-II (JHPP-II).

According to the latest updates, FWO has made remarkable progress on flushing section works, grouting gallery works, desander drilling, and rock bolting. While connecting tunnel works are underway, FWO completed the adit tunnel excavation, and also the initial tunnel support works.

Once completed, the 48 MW Jaggran Hydropower Project-II will contribute significantly toward electrical power generation in AJ&K by harnessing the hydro energy in the corridor. As a result, it will boost macro-economic benefits relating to employment, education, tourism, etc. Furthermore, the project will also contribute 162.24 GWh of energy to the National Grid annually.