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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Gaza YouTuber killed in airstrike few days after consoling scared daughters

In harrowing news, a Youtuber from Gaza was killed just days after uploading a video where he can be seen consoling his daughters with toys in a bid to distract them from roaring Israeli warplanes.

YouTuber from Gaza, Ahmad Mansi, was killed in an airstrike by Israeli jets just a few days after consoling scared daughters on live video. Ahmad is survived by three daughters and a wife.

Ahmad Mansi had posted a video of engaging his daughter with toys and games who were afraid to be killed in Israeli bombardment on Gaza city. The video was posted on May 12 on his YouTube channel “Sarah and Hala Stars” which filmed his two daughters, six and twelve years old. He showed his daughters playing with a magnetic fishing toy he had bought for them on Eid in a bid to distract them from roaring Israeli warplanes.

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The channel in the last four months showed the daily life in Gaza particularly about the life of women in The Strip. It gained massive popularity among the people of Gaza as according to them the channel brought them comfort.

Three days later after posting the video, he was killed in an airstrike along with his brother. “I wish you happy Eid,” al-Mansi says with a smile. “We will not be able to follow the usual traditions of Eid since … it is very dangerous to drive the car in the streets.



“Hala is feeling upset. I want to do something that makes her happy. I’ll buy her something that makes her happy.”

“I hear a sound of an airplane. Don’t worry OK?” Mansi says. “Keep playing.”

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As the girls played with their toys the sound of Israeli warplanes was heard in the video. Girls hid behind him as they heard Israeli warplanes crossing over their home.

The father of the two daughters made efforts to ensure them that they were safe and sound. Later Mansi ended the video by saying that “they can’t continue.”  The heart-rending news was shared by the Palestinian girl on Twitter.