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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Gen Bajwa: No one can blackmail state in the name of regionalism or religion

Gen Bajwa, Pakistan's Army Chief, speaking on 56th Defence Day asserted that no external and internal groups will be allowed to blackmail Pakistan in the name of regionalism or religion. He pointed that country now faces fifth generation warfare and instead of large-scale war, enemies use modern technology to weaken a nation's unity and ideological boundaries.

Gen Bajwa, Pakistan’s Army Chief made a categorical statement on Defence Day that no person or group will be allowed “to blackmail the state on the basis of regionalism, linguistics, ideology or religion.”

In honor of September 6 Defence Day, COAS Bajwa was addressing a function at the General Head Quarters (GHQ). President Alvi attended as the chief guest with all the three service chiefs and cabinet members. It was a very impressively organized event, with speeches and inspiring national songs, that was shown live on national tv channels till almost 11 pm.

Gen Bajwa, COAS, paid a tribute to the country’s martyrs and said Pakistan will never forget their sacrifices. The Pakistani forces proved that they know how to defend the country under any situation.

Gen Bajwa mentions fifth generation warfare against Pakistan 

Gen Bajwa, Army Chief, in an interesting comment, pointed to the changing nature of warfare. He argued that today instead of large-scale war, enemies use modern technology to weaken a nation’s unity and ideological boundaries. He was clearly referring to the concept of 5th Generation warfare that employs propaganda and media disinformation to produce chaos.

“Our enemies are also using non-traditional means including propaganda and disinformation to achieve their nefarious objectives,” COAS Bajwa said.

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COAS Bajwa also noted how Pakistan is aware of external threats. However, the forces will have to strictly deal with internal terror elements as well.

“It is a moment of reflection for all of us that anti-state elements are using some people. This is a hybrid or fifth-generation war. Its purpose is to damage the country’s unity. InshAllah, we will never let these negative objectives succeed,” COAS further expressed.

Gen Bajwa also stressed that Pakistan will never allow any individual or group aside from the armed forces and law-enforcement agencies to display weapons or use them. This was an important statement from Army Chief, he was clearly asserting that only the state and its institutions have the right to use force and violence to achieve state ends.

Pakistan has faced huge criticism since the early 1990s for allowing various armed groups to operate against its territory. In recent years civil-military administrations are increasingly sending the message that this will not be tolerated anymore. This message becomes all the more important in view of Taliban’s victory in neighboring Afghanistan that has created fears in many minds that Islamist groups in Pakistan will try asserting themselves in the name of religion or ‘sharia’.

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Pakistan expects an inclusive govt in Afghanistan with respect for women rights! 

On Afghanistan, COAS Bajwa said Pakistan is keeping a close watch on the developing situation. He made it clear that Pakistan expects an inclusive government in its neighboring country – a government that respects human rights and women’s rights. Pakistan and neighboring countries are stressing upon the Afghan Taliban that without meeting these conditions, diplomatic recognition will be difficult to accord.

“We want the security and development of the Afghan people,” COAS Bajwa said. “We also expect  the major powers in the region and the world, including the United Nations, to play a positive role in bringing lasting peace to Afghanistan.”

COAS Bajwa expressed Pakistan’s desire for a stable and representative government in Afghanistan. Therefore, “there should be respect for human rights, including women’s rights, and no use of Afghan soil against any other country,” COAS Bajwa maintained.

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