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To a certain degree, artisan candles are luxury products. They are luxurious, but many people can still purchase them from different backgrounds. It is a waste of time and effort to create an artisan product only to apply a substandard label. This is how luxury candle label makers can maintain this experience. While the quality of the candles and wax used in their creation is essential, it is also crucial to consider how the finished candles are packaged. These are some critical points for candle companies that want to print custom, premium candle labels.

You can print candle labels with custom shapes and sizes.

You can apply custom-printed candle labels to glass containers or plastic pods. However, brands must be produced to a specific size to ensure a seamless fit. The human eye will notice if a title is too large or has been modified to fit a particular pack format. There are many different sizes of jars used in candle manufacture, not just in terms of shape but also size/diameter/volume. You will need to know the exact size of each jar, whether you want to use single or smaller labels or wrap-around labels. You will need a circular label to apply candle labels to pods. As a professional label manufacturer, we can offer custom shapes and sizes for candle label designs. It all comes down to imagination and brand owners.

Multi-Versioned Print runs; Unlimited Scents

Brand owners may have multiple candle scents in their range. digital printing is a wise choice. They can print all your labels in one print run, provided that the label size remains the same for all scents. This makes it possible to keep your candle label printing costs low. Using digital label printing, you can also print seasonal versions of your core line of candles. This allows you to divide the number of labels across various scents. This can be useful if you find a best-seller; just share a more significant percentage of the overall order for this variant.

Candle labels Material choice & Premium Finishes

All materials we offer are ready for industry and have a permanent adhesive. Once the label is applied, they will stay on the product. The adhesive and the material should not be affected by temperature. It is recommended that you request a Sample Book to review the print quality, materials, and premium finishes and test the materials within their intended environment.

They can be made in any size and shape to fit perfectly into your candles. Vinyl polypropylene is waterproof and more durable than paper. There are many options for candle labels: transparent, gloss, metallic, metallic, and gloss.


Customers can be drawn to products by using expressive labeling. You can grab customers’ attention with your brand and style printed on high-quality materials.

We can custom print any size or shape of the candle.


The state-of-the-art digital presses print stickers in full color on self-adhesive sheets. You can choose from various sizes, including square, circle, and rectangular shapes.


TCS Digital Solutions is the premier source for all of your media needs. They provide everything you need to print and finish your labels and tag – from hardware and software to ink and even the labels and tags. They provide their customers with un-converted material, blanks, or even finished labels if you prefer. Simply put, they can provide whatever you need to label your product.

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