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Monday, May 27, 2024

Gigi Hadid’s Diplomatic Response to Hamas Attacks

Some fans believe that Gigi could have used her platform to shed light on the roots of the conflict, which stem from Israeli occupation.

American supermodel Gigi Hadid, whose father is of Palestinian origin, has addressed the escalating Israel-Palestine conflict. In an Instagram post, she lamented the situation as an “unjustifiable tragedy” and extended her sympathy to all those affected by the violence, particularly innocent lives, including many children, caught in the crossfire.

Hadid’s statement is a poignant expression of her deep empathy for the Palestinian struggle and the daily challenges faced under occupation. The 28-year-old model, who has consistently advocated for the ‘Free Palestine’ movement, emphasized the need for peace between Israel and Palestine.

A Diplomatic Statement

In her message, Hadid underscored her commitment to her Jewish friends and made it abundantly clear that her support for the Palestinian cause does not involve wishing harm upon any Jewish individuals. She highlighted the need for unity and compassion, irrespective of one’s religious, ethnic, or national background.

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Moreover, Hadid condemned any form of terrorizing innocent people, stating that such actions are not in alignment with the ‘Free Palestine’ movement. She voiced her concern that these acts perpetuate a painful cycle of retaliation, causing undeserved harm to innocent civilians, both Palestinian and Israeli, and reinforcing the false idea that being pro-Palestine equates to antisemitism.

An Effort to Save the Job?

Gigi’s statement, although diplomatic and seemingly neutral, emerges in a polarized climate where taking sides has become crucial. Critics have observed that, unlike her sister Bella, Gigi has not addressed various instances of Israeli aggression against innocent Palestinians, including children. It is worth mentioning that Bella has also remained silent throughout this ongoing crisis. Some fans believe that Gigi could have used her platform to shed light on the roots of the conflict, which stem from Israeli occupation, the history of genocide, and the oppression of indigenous Palestinians.

It is essential to highlight that Mia Khalifa faced professional consequences for expressing her support for the Palestinian movement and the right to self-defense. She was terminated from multiple jobs and dropped from several projects, which serves as a stark example of the risks associated with speaking out in favor of the Palestinian cause.

In this context, both Gigi’s carefully worded statement and Bella’s silence may be perceived as an attempt to safeguard their positions in the modeling industry, given the sensitive nature of the Israel-Palestine issue and the fact that the industry is owned mostly by Zionists.