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Monday, July 15, 2024

Govt receives flak for upbeat rap song for Pakistan Day

The government of Pakistan is receiving flak on social media for sharing a rap song on 23rd March Pakistan Day. The rap song probably sung and performed by actor Mohsin Abbas Haider praises Pakistan.

The song has certainly not gone well with the netizens who have slammed the government for compromising on the standards and sobriety needed on national occasions. Netizens expected the government of Pakistan to produce a decent, sober national song reflecting and resonating with the national values of Pakistan on an event like Pakistan Day. Netizens have posted various comments on a Twitter post.

Here is what netizens think of the national rap song.

“Not only did the govt break the constitution and deny us our right to vote on the eve of Pakistan day, but they also bless us with this cringe the next morning. What on earth is this!?” wrote one user on Twitter.

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“What an embarrassment on Republic Day! This video has PMLN Media Cell written all over it,” said Hassan Aslam Shad while commenting on the video.

One believes that the government has produced the rap song for Pakistan Day to connect with the youth. “They think they can connect with the youth like this. Total clowns running the show,” said the Twitter user.

One user labeled the song ‘monstrosity’. Another extremely disappointed Twitter slammed the inability to celebrate the national day with decency. “What the hell is this? This govt is a joke because it cannot even decently commemorate important and national days. This handle should be taken to archives after this post,” he said while commenting on the video.

Opposition leader and Former Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry also commented on the song and called it a ‘Jokers Production’. Netizens are asking the Government of Pakistan to take down the post.