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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Govt to arrest PPP MNA Jam Karim involved in Nazim Jokhio murder case

Earlier, news about the PPP MNA Jam Abdul Karim, who is involved in the Nazim Jokhio murder case, returning to Pakistan went viral on social media. Reacting to the news, Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed said the PPP MNA will be arrested.

Saturday, Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed said the authorities will arrest PPP MNA Jam Abdul Karim, involved in the Nazim Jokhio murder case. The Minister said he also contacted Inspector General Sindh on the matter.

Furthermore, Sheikh Rasheed said they are also looking into ways to add PPP MNA Jam Abdul Karim to Interpol. Once arrested, he will be handed over to the Sindh Police.

During the press conference, Sheikh Rasheed lashed out at PPP for allowing an absconder to take part in the no-confidence vote against PM Khan.

Earlier, news about the PPP MNA Jam Abdul Karim returning to Pakistan went viral on social media. According to reports by the media, the Sindh High Court on Friday granted 10-day protective bail to the PPP MNA. Furthermore, the court directed him to submit Rs. 100,000 surety bond and also ordered the accused to appear before the concerned court after 10 days.

Important to note, PPP MNA Jam Abdul Karim is reportedly in Dubai. Interestingly, the protective bail comes at a time when the Opposition PPP is getting ready to cast the no-confidence vote against Prime Minister Imran Khan.

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Moreover, there are reports that PPP did not take any action against the lawmaker. The party allegedly did not suspend the lawmaker. As a result, social media is brimming with criticism for PPP. Netizens are also concerned that after placing his no-confidence vote, the lawmaker can easily leave Pakistan, escaping justice. According to netizens, the authorities should place the lawmaker on the Exit Control List (ECL).


Nazim Jokhio murder case

Back in November 2021, a man named Nazim Jokhio, who was a father of four, tried to stop a group of foreigners from illegal hunting. He also made videos as evidence. However, he was caught and subjected to torture which led to his death.

Prior to his death, Nazim made another video narrating the entire incident. He said he received threatening phone calls. Furthermore, Nazim also warned that in case of any harm to him, the person at whose house the “hunter guests” were staying would be responsible. Pertinent to mention, the farmhouse belonged to PPP MPA Jam Awais.

“I am not afraid but this video statement of mine should be kept on record. I am receiving threats and I will not seek an apology,” he said in the video.

After investigation, the police booked PPP MPA Jam Awais, including his brother PPP MNA Jam Abdul Karim. Others were Meer Ali, Haider Ali, and, Niaz Salar who were found guilty of murder. MNA Jam Abdul Karim was listed as a fugitive.

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The harrowing incident left netizens in anger. The victim’s family members also held a protest along with the body on the National Highway and chanted slogans against PPP leaders.