Hafeez Sheikh proscribes opposition for undue criticism

Mr. Sheikh has maintained to say that the incumbent government of PTI inherited tumultuous economy, however, ''currently, international reports show the sparing economic indicators in Pakistan'', he said

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The Special Adviser to the Prime Minister on Finance Abdul Hafeez Sheikh on Monday said that the previous governments which also went to the International Monitory Fund for loan should not criticise the incumbent government.

While addressing to the National Assembly session, Mr. Sheikh downplayed the claims that the negotiation team representing Pakistan with the IMF represents the Fund and appreciated the efforts of Reza Bakir as serving governor of the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP).

We have not borrowed form the State Bank of Pakistan during the past seven months and this will help us control the inflation in next few months

During his speech in the National Assembly Session, Mr. Hafeez Sheikh held responsible the previous government which caused the decline in the foreign exchange reserves presently.

What PTI Government has achieved so far 

Dr. Abdul Hafeez Sheikh told the National Assembly that the incumbent government of PTI has taken historic decisions; one among them it has reduced the army budget in the current fiscal year 2019-2020 which the preceding government did not dare take such decisions.

”We have reduced civilian government’s budget by Rs 40 billion”,adding that he had been part of many governments previously but no one could take these decisions of reducing lavish expenditures of ministers and parliamentarian.

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Talking about the tax collection, the Finance Adviser told the National Assembly that the government has collected 2100 against the target of 2200 in the fist seven months of the current fiscal year.

”We have not borrowed form the State Bank of Pakistan during the past seven months and this will help us control the inflation in next few months”, said Hafeez Sheikh.

Hafeez Sheikh latched rumours and misinformation

During his aggressive speech in the National Assembly, Hafeez Sheikh downplayed the  claims that in negotiations with the IMF, individuals from both parties are representatives of the IMF.

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He said that it was compulsion borrowing from the Fund.adding that Pakistan’s development is not sustainable and therefore it required borrowing from the International Monetary Fund and preceding governments also did the same, therefore, undue criticism by opposition to PTI government is not other than politics.


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